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The Beast Offence – Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed – Humble Opinions

Everybody likes robots: it’s just one of those inescapable facts. People also tend to be rather fond of animals. So, why not combine the two? Also, why not throw some combat into the mix? Also also, make it an anime. I know it may sound crazy, but this particular formula culminates in Zoids. I mean, you probably already knew that given the title of this collection of words, but it’s more dramatic to pretend otherwise. Regardless, let us delve into a new game from a franchise reinvented…because they stopped making series/games in the original style a while ago and mad me sad. Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed is a fighting game based around, surprise surprise, Zoids Wild. Now, I myself am quite the fan of Zoids, but I will admit to knowing nothing of Wild. So, Blast Unleashed is my first foray into this new world…and it is wild. The first thing you’ll probably notice is just how “anime” the cast appears. I know, I know, “anime” is a wide-ranging medium, but you know what I mean. The main character has …

Comedy of Eras – Zoids: Legacy – In Retrospect

What can be said about Zoids: Legacy that hasn’t been said already? Probably a lot, because nobody else I know has ever played the damn game—a travesty if ever I did hear one. So, despite the fact that nobody asked and probably less people care, I shall detail the reasons why I love this game with a passion. Oh, and this isn’t one of those ironic passions either—I legitimately, and without reservation, love this game. In case you were wondering what the hell a Zoid was, allow me to explain. It’s a big animal mech. A bit of a stripped down explanation, but an apt one. Set on the fictional world of Zi, Zoids are the shape which combat has taken. Rather than tanks or planes, militaries based their weapons upon native, techno-organic species—sort of like if you strapped a cannon to a tiger, but also it was the size of a bus…and you sat in its skull. Okay, that sounds horrible, but it’s completely fine in the series…I think. Ethics in Zoids is similar …

A new ZOIDS project is coming soon and once again all is right with the world

Takara Tomy the masterminds behind the iconic ZOIDS mecha anime franchise and its various other media and merchandise have released a teaser today on their official website confirming the long awaited return of the franchise in a new upcoming project. While no major details have been confirmed about what we can expect from the project, they have released a graphic showcasing the Shield Liger ZOID and a mysterious soldier crouching besides it and the phrase “A new ZOIDS project is coming soon”. One could presume that this may be hinting at a future anime series, I for one would love to see that happen. That is all the information we have to go on for now but I am sure for ZOIDS fans like my fellow writer here at SnapThirty, Kane Bugeja, are incredibly excited at the promise of a new project in the ZOIDS franchise. Source: 4gamer -30-