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First Thoughts: ‘Maria the Virgin Witch’ – How To Train Your Virgin Dragon

So that was pretty much what I had expected it to be, but at least there was a dragon right? Maria the Virgin Witch is a series which you can probably tell if you will enjoy it or not based solely on your reaction to its title. The show follows a virgin witch named Maria who exists in the middle ages during a time of war between the French and English but you know who cares about that because can you believe this chick is a virgin?! Like wow who would have thought that a girl in her teens could possibly not have had sex? How bizarre and definitely a point worth repeatedly addressing throughout the span of 23 minutes of television. All that aside I actually enjoyed Maria the Virgin Witch to some degree. The setting of the Hundred Year War is a fresh one at that and definitely makes for some interesting narrative possibilities. The only problem is that the series is so obsessed with the idea of virginity that is struggles to …

AnimeLab adds 6 new Winter 2015 anime titles for simulcasting, yahoo!

Madman is the kind of friend that surprises you with gifts, for no reason at all. I like that friend and I like Madman. I also like AnimeLab, Madman’s anime streaming service that is giving us 6 brand new Winter 2015 anime series for our simulcasting pleasure. The new AnimeLab line-up features some rather highly anticipated titles. The list is as follows: Death Parade Absolute Duo Assassination Classroom Rolling Girls Yuri Kuma Arashi Maria the Virgin Witch No date has been locked in for these titles just yet but they are sure to debut sometime close to the Japanese broadcast time. So stay tuned for more information on the premiere dates for these upcoming anime series and be sure to bow down to our almighty leaders Madman Entertainment. Praise be the man who is mad about anime. -30-

Winter 2015 Anime Season Watch Guide

With the Winter 2015 anime season imminent, we will be taking a look through the best and worst upcoming series set to premiere this season. We will be detailing which series you should watch, which series you should consider and which series you should avoid all means necessary. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Winter 2015 anime season watch guide. Watch These are the series that look to be the cream of the crop, these are the series that you must watch: Death Parade (Madhouse, January 10th) In 2014 we were treated to something rather unique in the anime world, a billiards anime. Now here we stand at the threshold of 2015 with that very same OVA now getting a full fledged series. Death Billiards (as the OVA was known) was a suspenseful thriller that saw two unlikely bar flies finding themselves wrapped up in the most important game of bar room billiards of their lives. Now that same concept will become a full length series. What possibilities await leaves me highly curious for this upcoming …