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Final Thoughts: “Tokyo Ghoul √A” – Remember Who I Am

“Tokyo Ghoul”, when it first started, wasn’t exactly my most favoured Anime series. Within one season all it seemed to accomplish was something I believe we, the greater pop culture audience, has seen countless times. It had a very well-rounded and structured foundation that was weakened by what I consider to be unnecessary plot points and developments. The first season left me wanting so much more from the series that people ranted and raved about. “Tokyo Ghoul” was an instant hit, especially with the Tumblr crowd, but it never piqued my interest in the same way it did many others. That is…until season two came along; “Tokyo Ghoul √A”. The first episode blew me away. It hit me so much harder than the entire first season did and I was left in a state of pure awe. Read about it here. What surprised me even more was that the rest of the season continued to get better and better. I can’t even think of an episode I was remotely upset with or bored by and, …

Bandai Namco Announces “Tokyo Ghoul” Game For The PlayStation Vita

I’ll be entirely honest: I never though, out of all the Anime series’ in circulation right now, that “Tokyo Ghoul” would be getting a game but I suppose I was very much wrong. The latest issue of Young Jump magazine has been released over in Japan and through it Bandai Namco Games have announced that, in the near future, they will be releasing the first ever “Tokyo Ghoul” video game. The new game titled “Tokyo Ghoul: Masquerader” will NOT be a visual novel-style game like I would have thought it’d be, no, instead it is going to be an adventure RPG that will take you through the story of the series. No visuals or detailed information have been released as of yet but you can expect to hear more about this game in the coming weeks. Bandai Namco don’t usually keep their fans in suspense for too long which is always nice. Hopefully this game makes its way to the West once it gets a release in Japan. -30-

First Thoughts: “Tokyo Ghoul √A” – Do You Feel The Winds Of Change?

 Well done, “Tokyo Ghoul”, Well done. It took you exactly thirteen episodes but you’ve finally earned my adoration. Let me be honest: I’m not one to judge things like this so heavily. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt but the first season of “Tokyo Ghoul” was, for me, one of the worst things about the Anime lineup of 2014 and here’s why: It had a really solid first episode that lead me to believe it was going in a direction that it never did…until the final episode of the first season. I stuck to it because I had some sort of hope that it would win me back and now, after an entire season, it has proven to me that this is exactly the Anime I thought I was signing up for. Well done, “Tokyo Ghoul”. “Tokyo Ghoul” season two, or simply “√A”, picks up exactly where season one left off which is, in my books, the absolute greatest thing the series could have done. The end of season end arrived with …