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Heroes of Another Story – The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia – Humble Opinions

If there’s seven things I’ve learned, it’s that the mortal sins make for fun character archetypes. Not always as literal as the particular example soon to be delved, but even a glancing connection to the listed weaknesses of humanity is discernible. Is wrath entirely evil? Is greed perpetually consuming? Is lust destructive, or just really fun? It is these questions that intrigue and cause us all to ponder this veritable rainbow of corruption and how damning its light doth shine. Either that, or what dots must’ve connected to transform envy into a tsundere giant what swings a giant hammer. To put all my cards on the table, as one does in poker or something, I am quite a fan of The Seven Deadly Sins. I also like the series. But enough terrible jokes, The Seven Deadly Sins is a property that appeals to my personal style, with plot points generally unravelling in-line with my own ideas. That is to say, incredibly over-the-top and stupid moments that are more often than less often than not actually …

The Seven Deadly Sins Cast Update

With the new anime season almost upon us, some of you may be looking for your next dose of shonen action. If that is the case, then read on as some more information has been revealed regarding the cast of soon to be released The Seven Deadly Sins. Thus far, it has been revealed that characters will be portrayed as follows: Meliodas: Yuuki Kaji Elizabeth: Sora Amamiya Hawk: Misaki Kuno Diane: Aoi Yuki Ban: Tatsuhisa Suzuki King: Jun Fukuyama Gilthunder: Mamoru Miyano Now also revealed to be in the cast are: Guila: Mariya Ise Jericho: Marina Inoue Hauser: Ryohei Kimura Oh, and as for the crossover visual, that’s totally official. Just a sign of brotherhood from Kodansha to help out this upcoming series, both of which feature a protagonist voiced by Yuki Kaji…coincidence? -30-

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Gets Another Trailer, Shows Off Some Fantastic Animation

A brand new trailer for A-1 Pictures anime adaptation of the popular fantasy shonen manga series The Seven Deadly Sins has gotten a brand new trailer, this time featuring some animation footage from the series first episode. The trailer features characters such as Meliodas, Elizabeth, Hawk and Gilthunder all in animated glory as the series opening theme plays throughout. The series looks to be the next big thing and hit in the making. The Seven Deadly Sins follows the titular ragtag group of assassins who aid Princess Elizabeth in reclaiming her kingdom from the evil Holy Knights. Can this mismatched band of rogues overthrow the tyrannical rule of the Holy Knights? Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of what The Seven Deadly Sins have in store for you come Fall 2014. Are you ready to get down with the sins? -30-