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Cosplay Legends Collide! Reika and Kaname Heading to SMASH! 2015

Cosplayers and fans of them have reason to be excited with Sydney Manga and Anime Show more commonly known as SMASH have announced that two cosplay icons of Japan will be appearing as guests at the convention. Reika, who appeared at last year’s event will return after immense fan demand. Reika is famed in Japan for her cosplay of characters such as Levi from Attack on Titan and Rei from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Kaname will be appearing for the first time at SMASH!. He alongside Reika are recognized as the two top cosplayers of Japan today and with memorable cosplays of characters like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and Hozuki from Hozuki no Reitestu. This is undoubtedly the clash of cosplayer legends that many cosplay fans have long wanted for SMASH! and now the convention is delivering. SMASH! 2015 is scheduled for August 8th and 9th at the Rose Hill Gardens. You can get your tickets now at -30-

Reika SMASH! 2014 Panel, The Art of Cosplay

Over this past weekend at SMASH! 2014 at the Rose Hill Gardens, cosplay superstar Reika held panels for her adoring fans, discussing her love of cosplay and the detailed artistry that goes into crafting the perfect cosplay. Reika is arguably Japan’s best cosplayer, having won numerous cosplay competitions in her home nation as well as internationally. She has garnered global acclaim for her cosplay performances as characters such as Levi from Attack on Titan, Tobio from Haikyuu, Sakon Shima from Sengoku Basara and many many more. During Reika’s panel she held a cosplay workshop, teaching cosplayers in attendance her ways, taking on the role of cosplay sensei for many rookies in the audience. She detailed different ways to style wigs, apply make-up and of course construct the outfit itself. From an outsiders perspective, having no real cosplay experience myself, it was abundantly clear that Reika was an expert on the subject and her professionalism and passion had me enthralled in her panel. Following her workshop demonstration, Reika held a Q&A session answering the questions of …