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Into the Wild – Read Dead Redemption II – In Retrospect

There was something so addictive about Red Dead Redemption II. No, it wasn’t the engaging story, the beautiful graphics, or the promise of being a cowboy (or cowgirl, in my case) again; although, all of those things helped. A game usually tutorialises you—which is necessary most times—but that’s usually the most boring part, right? Well there I was, learning how I was supposed to ride a horse, which buttons to press, how to trade with NPC’s, the works; then came along one part of the tutorial—and it changed everything… What’s that? You want me to murder this poor little rabbit?! But why? I had to oblige. After all, how was I going to get to that juicy main story content? The game begins to walk me through hunting. Okay, I’ll do it. But I just want to get to the story! Why do they have to pad the game out so much? Here I am, crouched in a bush next to my horse. I activate Dead Eye and track its scent. As I inch away …

How the West Was Fun – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 121

Now, now, now, now once upon a time in the west, video games used to be primed for the west. Gamers wanted to escape to the west, free of any real violence and stress (which is scary). Grab the controller, slam the buttons, start fighting something. Dodge all the bad guys, slip on a mad guise. Bring your stats up, see all the killing you did. Draw your guns quick, playing around like Billy, kid.   -30-