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One Piece Film: Z Review

Everybody has a dream. That specials something that they strive for with all of their heart. The self proclaimed goal of their life. But what happens when dreams clash? People are not alone in the world and as a result desires overlap, contradict in the most unwanted ways and threaten to cease. So what do you do when faced with such an antithesis? Do you spare yourself the pain and give in? Or do you throw all of your faith into your own strength, and fight to the bitter end? For as long as One Piece has existed, Marines and Pirates have opposed each other. The ultimate battle between unbridled freedom and respectful adherence to the law. But what of those that fall between these sides? How do those who do not believe wholeheartedly in either side act? Well, in Z’s case it’s violently…very, very violently. Driven to extremism through a series of traumatic events, Z stands as the self appointed head of the Neo Marines, a group with one simple goal: the eradication of all …

Madman SMASH 2014 Announcements, Title Acquisitions and the Return of an Old Favourite!

During their industry panel at SMASH 2014 in Sydney, Madman Entertainment confirmed the acquisition of two new titles as well as the return of an old favourite. The first announcement was that of the acquisition of the latest One Piece anime film, One Piece: Film Z. Which they plan to release in both DVD and Blu-Ray format as well as on Digital platforms. The release will feature dual audio and is slated for release in November 2014. Following that announcement is the acquisition of Giovanni’s Island, a Production I.G. animated film from the mind of Mizuho Nishikubo. It is said to be a mature film set within the aftermath of World War II. No release plans have been confirmed as of yet for this title but it will be scheduled down the line. Finally the major announcement came in the return of the legendary Studio Ghibli classic, Grave of the Fireflies. After sitting in limbo for quite some time, Madman have confirmed that they have relicensed the film and will redistribute it on DVD and Blu-Ray …

One Piece Film Z Dub Cast Revealed

Ahead of their planned Fall 2014 release schedule for One Piece Film Z, Funimation have confirmed the English dub cast for the film at Anime Expo this past weekend. They confirmed that the cast from their dub of the TV series will carry over to the film. Newly announced cast members are as follows: Jeremy Schwartz as Z Lauren Landa as Ain Matthew Mercer as Bins Ray Hurd as Kizaru Mark Fickert as Mobston Tia Ballard as Young Z Juli Erickson as Tsuru Angela Chase as Purin Darryl Roberds as Kibin The film was overseen by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, who served as the film’s executive producer. Avril Lavigne provided the film with two theme songs, a cover of Bad Reputation and a cover of How You Remind Me. Stay tuned for more details on the English dub release of One Piece Film Z as it arises. -30-