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Electric-type Boogaloo – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 123

Everybody may want to be a Master and everybody may want to show their skill, but they are not all Ash Ketchum and lack the prerequisite marketability needed to warrant a movie deal. Also, they didn’t convince a whole generation that they “Gotta catch ’em all!” and that a world without Pokemon is a horrible fate one should not wish upon their worst enemies…even if their name is Gary (insert expletive) Oak. -30-

How the West Was Fun – Lost in Mistranslation Episode 121

Now, now, now, now once upon a time in the west, video games used to be primed for the west. Gamers wanted to escape to the west, free of any real violence and stress (which is scary). Grab the controller, slam the buttons, start fighting something. Dodge all the bad guys, slip on a mad guise. Bring your stats up, see all the killing you did. Draw your guns quick, playing around like Billy, kid.   -30-