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The Legendary Pokemon Hoopa Finally Gets An Official Western Reveal

Now we all know that my fellow writer Luke Halliday absolutely hates Hoopa. What I want you all to know is that I, Frank Inglese, am on the total opposite side of the spectrum: I love Hoopa, and I’m so glad it’s finally getting the official time of day it deserves. For so long now the world has been well-aware of Hoopa thanks to some sneaky citizens of the Earth we call game hackers. Back when Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released people had already found out who Hoopa was. The legendary has recently been officially revealed over in Japan and now it is time for the West to officially meet Hoopa. The thing is…we know who Hoopa is. We know this Pokemon very well. Heck, we even know it’s “Unbound” form! I’m not going to repeat what everybody already knows. Instead, I’m going to direct you to the official video that the Pokemon Company has just released. Why not get to know Hoopa even more, despite the fact that you already know it pretty …

New Pokemon Movie to Star Legendary Pokemon ‘Hoopa’, The Term ‘Legendary’ Officially Loses All Meaning

What is that? I mean seriously is that some kind of genie or is it just a Haunter in drag? Whatever ‘Hoopa’ is, it is the latest legendary Pokemon to star in its own movie, with the questionably legendary Pokemon set to be featured in the newly announced Pokemon the Movie: The Ring Genie Hoopa. The film will likely follow Ash and his companions as they wander into some forest and stumble upon Hoopa, a Pokemon who initially appears to be an enemy attacking the good guys only to be revealed as a good Pokemon the whole time. This is of course an entirely fresh story to be told in the world of Pokemon, highlighting the fact that the Pokemon anime has totally not run out of steam after 15+ years of telling the exact same story for 856 episodes. Interestingly this is the first official reveal of Hoopa, a reveal which lacks all surprise considering Hoopa was leaked by hackers back in 2013 with Pokemon X and Y. So yeah, Hoopa is a thing. -30-

Pokemon the Movie XY 2015 Promises a Clash of the Primals and…Hoopa?

Welcome once again to the theatrical world of Pokemon and prepare to bear witness to yet another Legendary conflict. It’s no secret that Groudon and Kyogre have had their differences throughout the eons, having even accidentally created the world’s layout during their battles. Luckily for everyone else however, Rayquaza tends to turn up and put a lid on things. Well the Weather Trio is back once more and sporting their Primal and Mega forms in the teaser for the upcoming movie, still tentatively titled XY 2015. However, these primordial forces may find themselves facing yet another Legendary opponent this time around. Though pure speculation at this point, one might wonder if those portals are being created by someone. I guess you could call them hoops if you wanted to… Hoopa. I’m talking about Hoopa. One of the three secret Legendaries added in XY, that of course failed to remain secret for any period of time. Regardless, from those who understand how to enter the code of the Pokemon universe, it has been revealed that Hoopa …