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Hideaki Anno Film SHIN GODZILLA To Hit Australia And New Zealand This October

Hmmm, there’s this strange taste in my mouth. It’s not a bitter flavour, it’s not a sour flavour, it’s not even a salty flavour, it has an almost…uncomfortably disappointing accents. It’s strange. It’s definitely left over from the last Godzilla film I watched, but it’s flavours are so subtle it’s hard to exactly define what it is I’m experiencing. I suppose this is much the same for many of you. It’s no mystery that the West cannot produce a Godzilla film. Period. Thankfully Japan still know’s exactly what it’s doing when it comes to The King Of Monsters, and it’s latest film, Hideaki Anno’s SHIN GODZILLA, is a testament to exactly that. Fans across the world have been anticipating this film ever since it was first revealed, and while it’s been released across Japan, it is the film’s Western audience that has yet to experience it. That’s where Madman Entertainment come in. The Australian distribution company, known for all things Japanese pop culture, have just announced that they plan on bringing this film to Australian …

Hideaki Anno Announced As Chief Director/Writer For Upcoming “Godzilla” Film

You guys and girls like “Neon Genesis Evangelion” right? Oh, you do?! That’s great, but it doesn’t really matter right now because series creator Hideaki Anno is setting his sights on another towering mass of destruction and it doesn’t go by the name “Unit-01”. I’m sorry I brought it up. Now instead of Mr. Hideaki Anno laying out a work schedule for the fourth “Rebuild of Evangelion” movie that we’ve all been waiting for, he has decided to tackle one of his lifelong dreams; to be the driving force behind a modern “Godzilla” film. Something you may not know and something that may help you swallow this piece of news is that Mr. Anno has actually been a long-time fan of not only “Godzilla” but the entire Tokusatsu genre as a whole. In fact, he’s been known to collect props from some of the more mainstream series’ that have been made and aired in the past couple of decades. Fact is, his sights are now on a project he’s never done before but one that …

Hideaki Anno claims Anime Industry is at a Dead End

Recently at an event honouring his work in animation, famed director and creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno voiced his concerns about the state of the Japanese anime industry, going so far as to predict its eventual demise should things not change. “The Japanese animation industry has hit a dead end—it will be tough to escape unless we can make animation without commercial considerations… It may even be too late,” Anno said in front of an audience of his peers. What Anno is referring to of course is the fact that many series are created expressly with the purpose of selling related merchandise and marketing the show towards other promotional content. He seems to believe that greater creative freedom will result in greater animation quality, which seems like a pretty accurate estimation. What do you think of Anno’s bold claims about the dead end of the anime industry? Let us know in the comments section below. Source: Variety -30-