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‘Fire Emblem Fates’ Announced at E3 2015, Two Versions Two Times The Fun

In case you were wondering what they were going to rename Fire Emblem if, we have our answer and it feels like fate. That’s right the new title is Fire Emblem Fates and it is set to crash land early 2016. Nintendo confirmed that there will be two versions of the game as it is in the Japanese release, however they were reluctant to reveal the full names of each version at this time. Oh well, a reveal for another day I suppose. They did however release a really rad trailer that you can check out below. The game looks like it is going to rock the house to the ground when it launches. Stay tuned for more information on what those two versions names will be once it comes to light. -30-

New Fire Emblem If Characters Revealed – Mercenary, Samurai And A Fox-Eared Man Join The Cast

One of the most anticipated upcoming 3DS titles would have to be Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem If, which is what it has been titled in it’s country of origin; Japan. The franchise was reborn not too long ago with the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening; a game that had people fall in love with tactical role-playing games all over again. This is why the new game has people in such an anxious uproar. Set for a release in Japan on the 25th of June, those of us living outside of Japan are going to have to wait until next year to get out hands on what will surely be the Nintendo 3DS’ greatest JRPG title to date. It is fine though…because of the internet: Thanks to this wonder of science, news shared anywhere in the world will travel to all other parts of the world for the rest of the Earth’s population to see. This means any information released regarding Fire Emblem If over in Japan will quickly fall into the laps of those looking for …