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Behold the Light, Beware the Dark – Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.1 Trailer Revealed

I’m not going to spend too much time dancing around the details here since, if you are a player of FFXIV: Heavensward, you’re probably already aware of the upcoming 3.1 patch. For those unaware, contents are as follows: For all the storygoers out there, the ominously titled As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness promises to further the plot of Heavensward with a new main scenario. A new 24 player alliance raid known as Void Ark is also present, for those players looking for some additional co-operative chaos. RTS fans will also gain benefits from the Lord of Verminion attraction (located at the Manderville Gold Saucer), wherein they may utilise minions to instigate a little 1v1, PvP action. Also there’s new dungeons, items, gear and all that other fun stuff. So, if the text form of thisannouncement was enough to pique your interest, I can only imagine what the video format will do for you. Speaking of which… -30-

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Details Revealed

At the latest Fan Festival event in Tokyo, FFXIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida revealed new details regarding the title’s upcoming expansion; Heavensward. Said details include: The introduction of a brand-new playable race, the Au Ra New Job: Astrologian (Healer role) Astrologians channel celestial magicks through their star globe in order to heal others and make use of a divining deck to support their fellow party members New Job: Machinist (DPS role) Machinists wield firearms to deal damage from afar and employ turret-like weaponry on the battlefield to create further mayhem The reveal of the next major raid challenge that awaits adventurers, the mechanical fortress Alexander An announcement that Nobuo Uematsu would be composing the Heavensward theme song Details regarding the Heavensward Collector’s Edition were also announced. The package will feature: A dragon figurine An art book A disc featuring various videos and trailers Digital in-game items exclusive to the Collector’s Edition: a griffin flying mount, a helmet designed after FFIV’s dark knight Cecil, and a wind-up Kain minion Information on the latest patch were also noted, …

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Expansion Announced

At the first inaugural Fan Festival event in Las Vegas this weekend (ahead of the first European Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, which takes place in London on 25th October 2014), Square Enix unveiled the first expansion for, you guessed it, Final Fantasy XIV. Dubbed Final Fantasy XIV: Hevensward, this next chapter will drop in Spring 2015 and will throw players into new towns, such as the city state of Ishgard, new field sections and will include new races, jobs, an increade level cap and oodles more. More information will be revealed at the previously mentioned Fan Festival in London. Though tickets are already sold out, there will be an official Livestream of the event, so you haven’t missed your chance. If you’re feeling particularly interested, you may wish to opt for the Premium Livestream, which will allow you to see all content from the show uncut and in HD. The Premium Livestream will also include an opening presentation from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida, for a one off cost. Premium streamers will also receive …