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Anime of the Year Awards 2015

Welcome to SnapThirty’s second annual ‘Anime of the Year Awards’ for the Year of 2015. It has been a wild ride for anime fans with countless classics making a major impact on the anime community and industry. Over the past year we have seen blood used as a weapon, we have witnessed city wide destruction on multiple occasions, learned how to assassinate our teacher, felt the true force of a single punch, joined the fight with Tekkadan, sang along to Bump of Chicken’s ‘Hello World’ in broken Japanese, saw life unfold from the bar stools of Quindecim and saw a topless doctor perform surgery in the middle of a Vietnam war battlefield. So in honour of this year in anime we present the awards for the best of the best and even a look at some of the most memorable moments in anime this year. Without further adieu, these are the winners for SnapThirty’s 2015 ‘Anime of the Year Awards’: Anime of the Year 2015 – Blood Blockade Battlefront How many Anime compel you to rewatch the current …

Final Thoughts: “Death Parade” – Life Isn’t A Game 

It all started with a small project, a story about life and death being laid out onto the felt of a billiards table. That turner into so much more with the eventual beginning of the series we now call “Death Parade”. Knowing not what to expect besides the playing of bar games in contention for ones life, “Death Parade” immediately grasped the attention of audiences the world over not only wity the nature of its story but with the varying directions each episode followed. To say the very least…”Death Parade” was truly the stand out series of the season. In twelve episodes the series managed to introduce us to a pretty sizeable cast while detailing to us just why it is that we should like or hate them without being to overt or obvious about it. Every episode was wrapped in an air of mystery and you never truly knew who’s side you were on until the very last minutes but as those final moments rolled in it was finally made clear just who these …

‘Death Parade’ Opening Theme Recreated in Live Action by the Band Behind the Song, So Put Your Hands Up!

Everybody, put your hands up! BRADIO, the band behind the theme song for Death Parade have just released a music video for the song featuring the band recreating the anime’s opening video in live-action. While the boys and girls of BRADIO aren’t exactly the spitting image of Decim and the rest of the arbiters of Quindecim they do a great job recreating the now famous dance moves and poses of the modern classic anime opening theme. You can check out their take on the opening in their live action recreation below. What are you waiting for put your hands up! -30-

FUNimation Announces English Dub Cast for Death Parade

Not to start things off on too depressing a note, but death is an inevitability…ok, that was in fact super depressing…sorry. That being said, there is an anime series that has taken that saddening facet of life and made a game out of it…which is also pretty saddening and raw. I am not doing a good job at explaining this series…I see that now. Just trust me when I say, this is a tremendous series. Keeping up with the good news, FUNimation has just announced some off the cast who will populate their Broadcast Dub. Cast Decim: Alex Organ Woman: Jamie Marchi Nona: Jad Saxton Quin: Anastasia Munoz Clavis: Z. Charles Bolton Takashi: Eric Vale Machiko: Trina Nishimura Crew ADR Director: Zach Bolton Assistant ADR Director/ADR Engineer: Cris George Script Writer: Bonny Clinkenbeard There is a place after death that’s neither heaven nor hell. A bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is, your life may be too. From Studio MADHOUSE (Death Note, Black Lagoon) comes a thrilling new series where …

First Thoughts: “Death Parade” – Taking Bar Sports To The Extreme

On the 11th of January, 2015. Melbourne, Australia. Three people were injured at a darts tournament when the crowd became rowdy and began throwing the chairs they once sat on into a pile. Some began hurling themselves at the pile while others cheered on from the sidelines. While there were no casualties and only three people suffered minor injury, the riot squad was called to quell the storm that these darts fans had conjured up. Soccer (Football) games have always been known for the hooliganism of fans but I think it’s time for soccer to sit this one out because it seems as though darts produce a lot rowdier of a crowd than we thought. As I’m reading this news I’m thinking to myself; “Surely this is the oddest darts-related thing I’ll come across today”…but then I watched the very first episode of “Death Parade”. Having watched “Death Billiards” some time ago, I have been anticipating “Death Parade” for a fairly long time. Watching through the short film that would eventually lead to the creation of …

AnimeLab adds 6 new Winter 2015 anime titles for simulcasting, yahoo!

Madman is the kind of friend that surprises you with gifts, for no reason at all. I like that friend and I like Madman. I also like AnimeLab, Madman’s anime streaming service that is giving us 6 brand new Winter 2015 anime series for our simulcasting pleasure. The new AnimeLab line-up features some rather highly anticipated titles. The list is as follows: Death Parade Absolute Duo Assassination Classroom Rolling Girls Yuri Kuma Arashi Maria the Virgin Witch No date has been locked in for these titles just yet but they are sure to debut sometime close to the Japanese broadcast time. So stay tuned for more information on the premiere dates for these upcoming anime series and be sure to bow down to our almighty leaders Madman Entertainment. Praise be the man who is mad about anime. -30-

Winter 2015 Anime Season Watch Guide

With the Winter 2015 anime season imminent, we will be taking a look through the best and worst upcoming series set to premiere this season. We will be detailing which series you should watch, which series you should consider and which series you should avoid all means necessary. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Winter 2015 anime season watch guide. Watch These are the series that look to be the cream of the crop, these are the series that you must watch: Death Parade (Madhouse, January 10th) In 2014 we were treated to something rather unique in the anime world, a billiards anime. Now here we stand at the threshold of 2015 with that very same OVA now getting a full fledged series. Death Billiards (as the OVA was known) was a suspenseful thriller that saw two unlikely bar flies finding themselves wrapped up in the most important game of bar room billiards of their lives. Now that same concept will become a full length series. What possibilities await leaves me highly curious for this upcoming …

Death Billiards to Receive Full Anime Series

It would seem that Anime Mirai made quite the impact with its 2013 short Death Billiards, leading to the announcement of a full series based upon it, entitled; Death Parade. Journey to the Queen de Kim, a bar frequented by those who have plummeted to the deepest depths of Hell. Within this realm, the Game Master pits person against person in a contest for their very life, betting everything on a single game of Billiards. -30-