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First Teaser Trailer Released For the Upcoming “Astro Boy” Reboot

There’s something you absolutely need to see before the day is done and it the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming “Astro Boy” Anime reboot. The official website for the new series has today been updated to include said teaser trailer and, without giving too much away, I must say that it is looking to be something wonderfully magical. This new series marks the coming together of three international studios; Tezuka Productions (Japan), Caribara Animation (France), and Shibuya Animation (Monaco), all for one purpose and that’s to create a brand-new “Astro Boy” Anime series for this generation to enjoy. The reboot will feature a new story that, while very much like the original “Astro Boy”, will be filled with things we’ve yet to see “Mighty Atom” do or experience. Despite being directed at young boys and girls between the ages of eight and twelve, I can see how this new series will, once again, capture the hearts and minds of the older fans of the long-running series. I, for one, am excited to see what this …

Astro Boy Reboot Receives First Promotional Image

No you didn’t read that wrong, Astro Boy is getting a reboot. Now, this raises two distinct bases of fan: those looking forward to seeing anew instalment in one of anime’s most classic franchises and those who believe it should be left alone. But whatever your stance, you’ll have to wait a little longer to formulate your opinion because we have but one image at this point in time. Set to be a 2D/3D visual mix, the series has permission to depart from the original and create its own original story, a first for new Astro Boy media. As such, a few new characters are set to join the series along with, “positive things from the past version,” as stated by Cedric Biscay, founder of Shibuya Productions (the company behind the reboot).

Pluto Volume 2 Review

Pluto continues to amaze with a fantastic second volume of manga following on from the shocking events of volume one. As the body count continues to rise, Gisecht turns to a familiar face for assistance in his investigation. The case grows more and more difficult as questions outweigh answers and Gisecht discovers that robot memory may not be infallible. It goes without saying that Urasawa is a brilliant mangaka, but having the incredible source material of ‘The World’s Strongest Robot’ arc from the original Astro Boy does go along way. The magic of Tezuka’s original translates incredibly well into Urasawa’s distinctive gritty style. What I find most compelling however is the way that Urasawa takes Tezuka’s work and gives it a new perspective. His look into this world where robots and humans must coexist is utterly tantalizing. This volume focuses in on the notion that what makes humans primarily different from robots is their ability to forget. What is most interesting about this idea is that Pluto immediately proceeds to break that idea down and …