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SnapThirty Presents: SnapCast Episode 15 – Jinglin’ Money


In this episode, Kane, Frank and Luke discuss the previously doubted Winter 2015 anime season.

Frank also sets aside a little time to go on a brief tirade about The Last: Naruto the Movie (Review here). From 1:50-21:08 to be specific, for all those who wish to avoid spoilers…so actually not that brief. Regardless, stick around and enjoy all of the other non-Naruto talk that absolutely does not spiral into any devious plotting. I promise, or my name isn’t Mysterious Third Party Who Writes The Podcast Descriptions.

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  1. As a regular podcast listener, I’ll give you my thoughts on the podcast format as you discussed in this episode.

    I like what you’re doing now. You usually have a fairly decent chat about current season anime and recent episodes you’ve watched, but then there’s also other general chat, and some nonsense. I think it’s a good mix (although that ‘would you rather…’ was an odd turn of conversation this episode!). And for more in depth anime discussion, you guys have the forum going, which also has the benefit (depending on your viewpoint :P) of interaction with us listeners/readers, rather than us just listening to your thoughts.

    Plus, it’s what you guys seem to like best, and that’s the main thing!

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