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World Trigger Volume Three – Review

World-Trigger-Volume-Three-Cover-Image-01The world is in constant danger of a “Neighbour” attack. The last time the “Neighbours” got a full chance to wreak havoc in the realm of the humans, many people perished.

That’s why a little government-run organisation called “Border” was established: To develop an army of capable soldiers, each trained to take on and despatch the other-worldly forces before they get a chance to, once again, claim the lives of the innocent.

There’s a problem, though. I huge one. One that will soon come to prove detrimental to the well-being of our dimension, and one that happens to be the the fault of those who’re supposed to be defending us.

What first entered my life as a terrible Anime series has quickly become one of my favorite contemporary Manga titles and without the support of Madman Entertainment who has provided us with review copies I would have never gotten the chance to experience “World Trigger”, so to them I say “thank you”, and to you out there I say “let’s get on with this review”!

Yuma’s Neighbor identity revealed, the Tamakoma branch safeguards Yuma, Osamu and Chika by recruiting them to their group of powerhouses and eccentrics. But Border headquarters wants Yuma’s Black Trigger badly enough to send agents from its top three squads to steal it! – Madman Entertainment

Volume three, in my mind, will forever reign notorious for character introductions and they couldn’t have come at a better time. Volumes one and two served to set up the overall story and to get us familiarised with the main trio, as well as some other pretty important players. Volume three marks the arrival of a nice handful of quirky characters who I’m assuming will all make up what will be the heroic group of the story.

Alongside that, we’re given a fantastic look back at Yuma’s mysterious past and why exactly it is that he’s come to the human world. Volume three basically works to explain to the audience that this is not your average Shonen title, that there’s actually a whole bunch more to be discovered deep beneath the surface and for something like this to come about during only the third volume is quite surprising. There’s a great deal less action in this volume but that goes down pretty smooth when what the volume IS occupied by are a nice team of individuals who you’re assured will play a massive part in the story.

The main trio finally find their feet as they attempt to do something about Yuma’s quest from within “Border” itself which, also detailed in this volume, has enough problems of its own without the inclusion of a white-haired kid with nothing left to lose. Now here is where “World Trigger” gets even more interesting: In any other series where the main cast must defend themselves against giant monsters, chances are the big baddies are just going to be even bigger monsters. Not in “World Trigger”.

Volume three gives us a pretty well-rounded definition of who exactly is going to take the place of antagonist for the series and it is, in fact, the ones that boast heroism. Isn’t that ironic? I’ll refrain from explaining anything more than that simply for the sake of your enjoyment. That is, if you’re reading this review without actually having read the volume. All you need to know about volume three is that “World Trigger” breaks through another wall of my expectations and has continued to soar. While some of the story elements are quite derivative, they’re delivered well and in a way that does indeed some brand-new.


Like my other reviews of the series say: The art in “World Trigger” is fantastic! Without repeating myself too much; Daisuke Ashihara is clearly a master of flow in illustrated media. The book never really “stops” and it actually forces you to continue reading despite having finished chapter after chapter, and sometimes it isn’t just because of anticipation of coming events, often it’s because the Manga just seems to flow in that manner.

Ashihara is very good with panel placement and all of his illustrations are clean. It’s as if the tiniest of panels were given as much attention as the double pages and that’s fantastic to see. As mentioned above; volume three doesn’t even feature that many action scenes which doesn’t matter in the slightest because Ashihara still finds a way to engage the audience.


If you can’t already tell: “World Trigger” continues to get better and better by the volume. Every month or so that it is released; audiences are given another chance at seeing actual growth. Visible growth. For every character too, which is almost unheard of nowadays.

There are plenty of basic Shonen titles out there that feature some terrible writing…”World Trigger” is not one of them. I’ve read a great deal of Shonen Manga in my time and I’ve forgotten a whole bunch of them simply because they felt rushed, they felt lazy, they felt unworthy of being published by such a great company as Shonen Jump but “World Trigger” has restored my faith in the genre and thanks to it I’m able to feel the same things I used to back when I was a young teen reading series’ like “Bleach” and “Naruto”.

Even if the world forgets this series, I will not and I think it deserves as much popularity as possible. There’s also a character who’s simply a toddler riding a Capybara. Now if that in and of itself doesn’t make you want to read this series than I don’t know what will!

Purchase “World Trigger” Volume Three through Madman Entertainment’s official online site: Click Here

Grade: A


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