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World Trigger Volume Ten – Review


In life, every action has a reaction. There will never be a time in your life wherein which a choice you make will lead to naught, there will always be a consequence to everything you do, good or bad. Often this is something that is ignored in Shonen Manga of all kinds.

With Shonen Jump’s demographic being young adults, one would imagine that realistic lessons would be the first to teach, but more often than not this isn’t the case.

Shonen Jump’s modo is “Friendship, Effort, and Victory“, but never cause and effect, so to see something as realistic as a government-run press conference to address the severity of a war just passed as demanded by the general public situated within said war zone both startled and interested me greatly.

With only seven seconds left until the crossroads, time is running out. Black Triggers face off as Miwa activates Fujin to bring the invasion to an end. But can everyone really escape the worst possible future? – VIZ Media

Daisuke Ashihara’s mature style of writing is shown in full force within the contents of World Trigger volume ten. Now that the Aftokrator invasion is over, for the time being, it is time for Border to undertake in some serious damage control, and while nothing can be done to reduce the impact that has already afflicted those living within Border’s host town Mikado City, it is the public’s opinion on the privately-owned defence agency that must be salvaged before the damage become permanent. Unfortunately for series protagonist Osamu Mikumo, he will act as Border’s scapegoat, whether he likes it or not.

Volume ten I found to be, arguably, the most intelligent addition to the series at this point in time. It alone has proven to me that Daisuke Ashihara is a writer that knows how to take a story in interestingly realistic directions without losing it’s heart. Not all battles are fought in an arena, some are won by words alone; this is made overtly clear in volume ten as Mikumo attempts to clean his name that, without him knowing, was prepared to be dragged through the dirt for the sake of the public’s opinion of Border. Bringing up earlier story arcs, Mikumo is attacked by the press for using his Trigger outside of sanctioned Border territory as per his agreement as a C-Rank soldier which many believe was the reason the Aftokrator warriors were aware of certain “hidden” factors of Border’s forces.

It is this press conference that makes up most of the tenth volume, which vividly details Osamu’s character growth throughout the series as well as Border’s capacity to sacrifice it’s soldiers for the sake of what they consider to be “the greater good“. It is now clear that the Border higher-ups are not to be entirely trusted, but Mikumo is smart enough to understand that he must choose his battles, and there’s enough going on in his life without aggravating Border officials. Though, he uses his best judgement and makes a statement at the press conference that not only details the reality of Border’s situation, but puts into motion the coming arc which will revolve around an expedition into the Neighbour’s world.

Despite the setting of volume ten being the inside of a conference room, it still features clean, crisp, and well-paced visuals the likes of which Daisuke Ashihara and his dedicated team have been attempting to master from the moment World Trigger began it’s run. As the volume began coming to a close, the visual quality of the Manga took an obvious step forward in quality simply because it happened to feature some combat, which is where a Shonen title such as this really makes an impact. Apart from that, nothing really stuck out to me, but this was due to the context of the story. It’s hard to create epic visuals when the story you’re trying to tell is one based heavily on conversation. Regardless, the visuals were not boring in any way, and were able to capture the raw emotion of each and every one of the characters featured.

World Trigger has always done things differently, being an alternative choice to many other contemporary Shonen Jump titles like Black Clover that tend to lean as heavily as possible into the tropes developed by artists and series past which, while still quite good within their own right, do not give the same level of satisfaction as with World Trigger. As we grow older, some of us still tend to stick to what makes us feel young. Whilst I’m not too old of a man I still enjoy revisiting the feelings of a time wherein which adult like hadn’t begun to plague me. Shonen Jump Manga helps with this, but despite my need to want to feel young again I still ask for something a little more mature, a little more intelligent, a little more nonsensical, and with World Trigger I have found that.

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Grade: A+


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It sounds like it has a really interesting approach to this story.

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