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World Trigger Volume Six – Review

World-Trigger-Volume-6-cover-Image-01World Trigger volume six is the latest volume of the Manga to be released in Australia thanks to Madman Entertainment. Unfortunately, due to mysterious circumstances, our review copy was delivered about a month late…but that’s not a bad thing, not when the cause of which opens your eyes to something quite striking: I’m in love with this Manga. For the last four weeks I have been on the back of fellow writer Luke Halliday regarding the shipment of World Trigger, not through frustration but through excitement. Turns out, despite the series of Bs and B+s I’ve given it in the past, World Trigger is one of my most anticipated contemporary Manga releases, and volume six has finally made me exactly aware of just why it is I’ve fallen for this humble Manga.

Story-wise, not a great deal develops in volume six of World Trigger, in fact, by the end of the volume more questions were raised than answered, but that’s to be expected with a set of chapters as combat heavy as the ones in the volume. Throughout the volume we, the audience, are introduced and subsequently separated from a whole bunch of new characters who appeared on the scene to help combat the Neighbouring forces that began invading during the final chapter of volume five. Considering volume five featured a great deal of dialogue and story progression, it was nice to get a chance to enjoy some high-octane combat without worrying to heavily about the story. It was also nice to see some growth from main character Osamu Mikumo who showed it while in a scuffle, making him out to be so much more capable than the last time we saw him in a fight. As usual, World Trigger features great amounts of exposition, which is fine most of the time because it comes solely from a particular character, but it is still very much noticeable and comes across as a lazy storytelling style, especially in this volume wherein which it simply wasn’t necessary.

It’s a Neighbor invasion! Trion soldiers swarm Mikado City, wreaking havoc and capturing isolated Border agents. When the sinister humanoid Neighbors orchestrating the attack target Chika for her massive Trion, Osamu may be the only one who can save her! But can a B-Rank agent compete against the surprising power of this new alien foe? – Madman Entertainment

As per usual, Daisuke Ashihara’s illustration are hit an miss. Thankfully, this volume gave Ashihara a chance to show just how good an illustrator he is thanks to it’s dynamic nature which allowed him to draw accordingly. At times, during dialogue breaks, Ashihara’s illustrations look a little lazy, and sometimes rushed, but he draws you back in with a grand fight scene that really blows you away. This is how Ashihara has always been, but thanks to reading through World Trigger, I can see some clear development of his art, and it is quite inspiring. Ashihara did a wonderful job with large panel structure in volume six, choosing to go with a more robust style of panel placement rather than the conservative style he mostly chooses to run with.

World Trigger is, without a doubt, one of the more average Shonen Jump Mangas currently in circulation, as you’ve come to understand throughout this review. For everything it does wrong, it does something right, which keeps it in this strange state of quality equilibrium…so then why the hell do I love it so much? Well while other Mangas, overall, are more impressive than World Trigger, Daisuke Ashihara’s love and enthusiasm for his own creation is so present between the pages of each volume, so much so that it is hard NOT to feel overwhelmed with enjoyment while reading. Volume six was clearly a hard task for Ashihara to complete. Seeing as it had a lack of dialogue, compared to previous volumes, it was almost up to the visuals alone to keep audiences engaged…and it did. This is what keeps me coming back to World Trigger! It’s clear that Ashihara hasn’t mastered the art of sequential illustration, but it’s not stopping him from delivering a story that, while mostly basic, has so much to offer people willing to give it half a chance. World Trigger volume six, to say the very least…was well worth the wait.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out World Trigger for yourself by going to Madman Entertainment’s official site: Click Here

Grade: B


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