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World Trigger Volume Four – Review

World-Trigger-Volume-Four-Cover-Image-02World Trigger, incase you’ve all been living under a huge rock for the past year or so, is a young Shonen Jump Manga that is currently being released around the world to the delight of…most. No, World Trigger isn’t the much-loved Shonen manga you’re all probably imagining it is.

While it does have a pretty dedicated audience, unfortunately it’s one that’s pretty small in comparison to a lot of the other contemporary Shonen titles like My Hero Academia and Assassination Classroom but, in my humble opinion, I think it can stand up against the best of them.

If I didn’t think that way I wouldn’t keep requesting review copies of new volumes from Madman Entertainment who distribute it down here in the wonderful land of Australia.

Incase you’ve not been keeping up with the series; make sure you go back and read my reviews of Volume One, Two and Three. While they don’t tell you everything you need to know about the series, they’ll tell you enough to understand what I’m writing here.

Now allow me to quickly recap the more recent events that took place in the series: Basically, to cut a long story short, there’s a great deal of hostility within Border between its agents. Some wish to keep Yuma on this side of the dimensional vortex and others with to take his Black Trigger and his life.

In the last volume Jin and his small crew were confronted by his old rival who, alongside his team, have been given the mission of retrieving the Black Trigger from Yuma and taking down everyone in their way. Volume Four, this volume, revolves almost entirely around the battle between the two factions.

Should Border, Earth’s defense agency, admit a Neighbor into their ranks? Jin and Arashiyama Squad think so, and they clash against headquarters’ top agents to preserve Yuma’s right to enlist. After the brutal fight against his friends and peers, Jin makes an unimaginable sacrifice to put an end to the hostility and protect Yuma’s future at Border. – Madman Entertainment

As mentioned; about ninety percent of this volume was centred around combat and the explanation of said combat. In between a lot of the fighting were cuts to a different location wherein which Osamu and Yuma were being taught the literal ins and outs of a standard Trigger. These lined up with the actual combat and just gave the explanation of what was going on a very natural feel. You didn’t feel too overwhelmed by the high rate of explanation.

I’m a huge fan of action so the lack of dialogue throughout the volume didn’t necessarily irk me because at least it was made clear that it would lead to something which, without giving too much away, it certainly did! We met to a few extra characters who got their introductions through the way in which they fought which is a nice touch, and we also began being lead into a brand-new arc for the story that seems as though is going to have a great deal to do with exams; a Manga story trope that I absolutely cannot get enough of.

Visually World Trigger is the same as it always has been which isn’t a bad thing because, the way I see it, you shouldn’t have to fix what isn’t broken. Daisuke Ashihara has a simply but great illustration style that doesn’t feature too much detail but that also isn’t so amateurish that it makes you not want to read any further.

As a professional Mangaka he clearly has a lot to learn and a lot of growth ahead of him, that’s clear through his somewhat dull illustrations at times. The fact is; he’s still very good at what he does and, through reading, you can absolutely see him developing his craft. While he’s no Kenichi Tachibana (Artist of Terra Formars), he also isn’t a slouch. Daisuke Ashihara clearly takes a lot of pride in what he does and it’s that fact alone that practically forces people to continue reading.

His characters are likeable at first glance rather than through detailed explanation of their character and that’s something you don’t often see. Since this volume features a great deal of action, you see Ashihara’s skill truly shine. He’s incredible when it comes to illustrating movement from odd angles and it all just makes for such engaging reading.

What more can I say about this Manga that I havn’t already said? World Trigger is fun for the sake of fun. While there is a certain amount of depth to this Manga, there’s nothing there that will keep you up at night contemplating the fragility of the known world. This is not one for those of you out there who need something to think about all the time, World Trigger is for those of us out there who sometimes like to reach back into the past and feel the same way we did when we were a little younger reading our favorite Shonen Jump series’ at the time.

Volume Four featured a lot of action reminiscent of series’ that came before it. It was a quick read that had me engaged from the first page all the way up until the final page and the whole time I was enjoying myself. In fact, I simply couldn’t put it down! That’s the sign of a good Manga and World Trigger, well…that’s a good Manga!

Pick up your copy of World Trigger Volume Four by going to Madman Entertainment’s official online store: Click Here

Grade: A


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