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Why Are You Taller than a Fifth Grader? – First Love Monster (Complete Series) – Humble Opinions

Dream, catch me

Tall, handsome, caring and fun. Are they on your list of your dream man? Well, if so, you’re in luck. Kanade Takahashi is an owner of all of those attributes, but I do have to warn you…he’s a fifth grader. Now, that may make you cross him off your list, but that wasn’t the case for Kaho Nikaido. As a rich and sheltered girl, Kaho decided to move to Tokyo for high school and had her life saved by Kanade. That’s where our story begins.

Full of childish humour, interesting moments and a lot, a lot of mention of weiners is none other than ‘First Love Monster’. Following Kaho’s big move to Tokyo, you get to meet all the tenants she lives with. You’ve got many fun characters to follow like shy-boy poet Kota, pervert-for-pretty girl-boys Arashi, underwear sniffing Mafuyu (only of the man she loves of course), probable sadist Taga, Arashi’s often annoyed girlfriend Chiaki and Shuugo, the landlord and Kanade’s dad.

Head and shoulders above the other kids

Kanade also isn’t the only tall fifth grader, as he has his friends Ginjirou and Tomu. They are the only tall fifth graders among the sea of regular sized kids, which is pretty great if I do say so myself. Kanade does have an average height friend, Kazuo, though he is far from normal as he has a personal butler. Ginjirou is the ‘intelligent’ character and despite being in fifth grade, has a deep voice like no other. Tomu, on the other hand, is just your average happy-go-lucky character. These friends are often seen playing around the park, talking about their weiners and just being overall stupid. They all add to the crazy amount of characters that I’ve introduced you to.

Kanade unfortunately had to go through the trauma of losing his mum in third grade but often uses her advice to guide him. When standing up for Kaho or trying to make sure she doesn’t cry, Kanade always reflects on his mother’s advice and tries to be the best boyfriend. Which, to be honest, makes me feel quite scandalous as he is a pretty good boyfriend, but he’s also like…ten…but anyways. Moving on, ‘First Love Monster’ does focus on the romance side and you can’t help but say ‘awww’, whether you like it or not.

Study (maybe a little bit more than) buddies

Going back to Kanade and his friends. I can’t say for sure, but I believe the anime has a perfect depiction of young boys. From talking about rearranging their junk, to getting satisfaction from rubbing against poles, these boys are all about weiners. And I get it. I’ve said that a lot, but you really don’t understand unless you’ve watched the anime. It’s weiners galore. Though often oddly sexualised (not by Arashi…well maybe one time), these stupid jokes and behaviour constantly have you going, ‘right…they’re in fifth grade’.

To be perfectly candid, if you’re a fangirl then you’ll love this anime. Trust me.

The cheek of it

This anime is probably one that you’ll either love or hate. Personally, I found this to be one of the funniest and stupidest anime I’ve ever seen and I love it like crazy. From watching Arashi being at a primary school, which I’m pretty sure he should be arrested for being there, to watching Kanade learn about love, it’s an enjoyable anime all in all. Sometimes you laugh at the intended jokes and sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at the complete and utter weird moments you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


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    Thank you very much this told me everything I need to know before watching it

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