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Tokyo Ghoul Volume Four – Review

Tokyo-Ghoul-Volume-4-Cover-Image-01I love watching the cooking channel, this is something all my family and friends already know. Now, just because my nightly routine has me following the tasty exploits of Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain, that doesn’t mean I’m any kind of gourmand. I like food, obviously, and I enjoy watching people cook it, but I don’t know what it means to be a lover of fine cuisine.

Unfortunately for Tokyo Ghoul protagonist, Kaneki Ken, he has just been introduced to a man who considers himself quite the culinary connoisseur, but seeing as this man is more a devilish Ghoul than that of an actual man, it is very much like him to take things to the absolute extreme.

Shun Tsukiyama, a Ghoul titled “The Gourmet“, is known for causing trouble for both humans and Ghouls alike, and now he’s set his sights on one Kaneki Ken; a half-human half-ghoul hybrid with a mouth-watering odour…apparently. With Shun’s sights set on him, Kaneki will quickly come to understand what it feels like to be the main ingredient in a dish everyone wants to try.

Thanks, once again, to Madman Entertainment for allowing us the opportunity to review the latest release of the Tokyo Ghoul Manga. Let’s hope volume four is just as good as it’s predecessors.

Kaneki meets Shu Tsukiyama, known as The Gourmet for his interesting and sadistic tastes. And Kaneki learns more about what happened to Rize and what it means to be a One-Eyed Ghoul. – Madman Entertainment

Sui Ishida is a fantastic thriller writer, it was thanks to the contents of volume four that I have finally realised this, despite the fact that he had proven himself to be quite talented within the first volume. This release featured a gut-wrenching storyline that forced Kaneki Ken into a situation wherein which, with one wrong move, could end with him being eaten by crowds of Ghouls looking for nothing but the most exotic flavours. That alone, is enough to send shivers down a readers spin, but with the edition of a monstrous murderer who’s only job is to dismember caged victims, and a smooth-talking maniac like “The Gourmet” looking only for the perfect meal, this small arc becomes all the more frightening.

Once again, much like the previous three volumes, volume four also made the audience privy to more of the “goings on” within the Ghoul underground that simply was not covered in the Anime adaptation that gave this series it’s incredible level of popularity. Having seen the Anime and now going back to read the Manga has allowed me to fully appreciate the source material simply because of it’s attention to detail alongside it’s well-written backstory that delves into more than just the characters we see on the page.

The illustrations provided by Sui Ishida within this volume actually sonewhat disappointed me. His style has always been rough and gritty, bt never to this degree. It seems as though his attention to visual detail was not as sharp as his writing. This volume didn’t feature much combat, which is where I believe Ishida’s illustrations truly shine. In lieu of this, what volume four provided were a few gag-worthy gore scenes, but apart from that the visuals of volume four were, to put simply…sloppy.

Regardless of my somewhat dislike of Sui Ishida’s illustration quality throughout this volume, I still thought it to be quite the enjoyable read. Once again, the Tokyo Ghoul Manga goes into great detail regarding the series’ backstory, and it’s characters are well-written and fleshed-out far more than that of the Anime. Because of how good this series has been up until this point, I’d like to remain hopeful for the near future when the next volume is released. Still very much a worthy the read, Tokyo Ghoul isn’t without it’s setbacks, but I wouldn’t write it off entirely just because of one small dip in quality. It still has a lot to give!

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Grade: C+


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