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The Sky’s No Limit – Haikyu!! (Complete Season Two) – Humble Opinions

Challenge Accepted

We all know that practice makes perfect…or, well, better and Haikyu!! Season Two strongly supports this way of thinking. Starting with a training camp and finishing off with the Spring Tournament, Haikyu!! comes back strong by driving home the concept of working hard, making you feel for the characters along the way. Though it’s a bit difficult to not care about somebody who puts so much effort into what they love.

Embarrassment, thy name is Yachi

After having proved themselves a worthy, or at least interesting, team, Karasuno is invited to attend a training camp involving a number of other schools. Beginning in Tokyo and then proceeding to Saitama, Karasuno is given a golden opportunity to practice their skills and learn about the types of opponents they will face in the future. And even though their matches are for training purposes, we are reminded that passion defies logic, with each practice match featuring the same energy effort that we have seen in official matches past…even if the end result isn’t always what our crows hope for.

Just like the energy of their matches, the vibe around Hinata and Kageyama is also just as explosive as ever. Though having grown to trust each other, the two are still driven to improve by their desire to be better than each other. With this in mind, Season Two leans on Kageyama’s more emotional side and pushes his personal development as much as his physical. With his keen instinct and mathematical precision having driven him so far, Kageyama is reminded that being the setter doesn’t mean he is in total control of the court. Though he is needed to begin a play, he is not able to finish it alone and must rely on his teammates to truly reach new heights in volleyball.

The early bird gets the best place to pose

The personal development doesn’t stop there, either, as the Third Years receive a little more focus this time around. With Hinata and the other First Years taking so much of Karasuno’s spotlight, the older students resolve to improve and support the team in their own ways. They long to surprise everybody who has accepted that they are nearing the end of their run in the team and remind the younger students that they can continue to improve as long as they put in the effort. The attention and praise is also a nice benefit.

His bark is roughly equal to his bite

Beginning their journey with uncertainty and jittering nerves, Karasuno continues to struggle and train, slowly building their confidence until they stand as a team strong enough to challenge all who stand before them. Even still, they never remain still for long and always find a way to improve their game and push their teammates further than they could ever go alone. Kageyama may be an amazing setter and Hinata may be a crazy fast spiker, but Nishinoya keeps the ball in play long enough for them to set and spike, Tsukishima helps block the balls that would best them, Asahi drives the match forward as their ace. Though individually strong players, they are made stronger as a team. Together, the black crows fly again.


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  1. I really did enjoy Haikyu more than expected, and season two was fantastic at growing the characters and the team. Surprisingly good fun to watch.

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