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Terra Formars Volume Four – Review

ITerra-Formars-Volume-Four-Cover-Image-02 havn’t always been this way but, as of recent years, I’ve come to believe in the true concept of evolution. Why I would disbelieve it is something you’d have to ask a very young Frank Inglese, but the fact that I now believe in that particular process of growth means that I, myself, have gone through a sort of evolution.

I now believe that those who do not evolve will become obsolete; something many around me have been preaching for some time but something that I havn’t quite come to terms with until now in my old age…of twenty one. Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s hit Manga Terra Formars deals a great deal with the idea of rapid growth and evolution, with some startling and frankly terrifying results.

Many years ago, Humans tried their hand at terraforming Mars because, well…I think maybe Earth is on it’s last legs. A viable option to replace Earth would have to be to change Mars and that’s exactly what the scientific citizens of Earth did. Too bad that those cockroaches they sent there have now become one of the few things in the galaxy that can threaten the human race as a whole.

What does Earth do now that these things exist? It makes a team of half bug/half human hybrids to combat them, but these are all things you should know by now. That is, if you’re reading the review for Volume Four. Madman Entertainment have, once again, provided us with a copy of the latest volume and I’ve been, once again, given the chance to sink my teeth into what I’m considering one of the better contemporary action series’.

In order to protect their crew mates, Akari and Michelle use their abilities and head into battle against the Terraformars, who have evolved unique and terrifying new forms!

The enemy’s astounding strength forces them into an unexpectedly desperate fight. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the other teams scattered around Mars become clear, and the battle between humans and the demons they created reaches a new intensity.

– Madman Entertainment

As far as story development goes; Volume Four doesn’t actually have as much as you’d think. It does a great deal of informing in regards to just what half of the crew can actually do and what DNA splices they posses, but when it actually comes to moving forwards there isn’t a great deal of that going on. It may sound somewhat harsh and overly negative but it never hit me as something bad. I took the contents of Volume Four as they were supposed to be taken because there’s no real way you can mistake high-octane action for anything else BUT high-octane action.

Like the previous three volumes, Volume Four shed some light on more of the Annex I crew which some may see as the moving forward of the story but I personally think that may be digging a little too deep. Volume Four didn’t take me very long to read through because there wasn’t a great deal of dialogue. It was mostly action and that’s pretty much why I enjoyed it so much. Yu Sasuga knows how to write explanations in ways that don’t seem to overbearing or too forced which makes them easy to digest in-between watching a giant cockroach man getting his head crushed by a Russian super soldier.

The star of this volume was truly Kenichi Tachibana who, in case you don’t know, handles the illustration side of the series. He’s been doing a fantastic job ever since the start of the series but, as I mentioned many times already; Volume Four was packed to the rafters with combat which means that, I’m sure, Tachibana was worked to the absolute core trying to get the very best out of what he had to work with. He’s still just as talented as he’s always been and someone I consider to be the perfect person to illustrate a series such as Terra Formars.

You can see that this man is truly a fan of real-life combat sports like UFC, MMA, and Wrestling because what you see in Terra Formars is so reminiscent of that. The form of these characters are sights to behold and really only fans of said combat sports will understand the intricacies of a stance or even a standard headlock. I’m not saying I’m some sort of fight expert but I’ve watched enough to know what I’m talking about. Tachibana’s skills are in top condition and I can’t imagine him easing off on the ferocity of these deaths nor on the detail that makes them so grisly.

Terra Formars treads a very fine line: It can be intellectual at times by giving overly scientific and accurate explanations to certain plot points and character stories but then flips itself on its own head and presents itself as an action-packed Manga that seems only focused on death and destruction. Somehow Terra Formars is both those things together and separately. I simply cannot come to terms with it as a whole.

Ever month when a new volume is released I count down the days until my copy arrives at my doorstep. It is one of the more exciting and accessible Mangas I’ve ever read, and as a fan of hardcore action, death, and destruction I seriously cannot complain. Terra Formars is now at the very top of the evolutionary chain. It’ll take some serious advancement to beat it now.

Take a trip to Mars and purchase ‘Terra Formars’ volume one at the Madman Entertainment Online Store.

Grade: A+


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