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Superbeat: Xonic – Review

Superbeat-Xonic-Cover-Image-02I know, it’s strange. Those of you who follow the site, and have done so for a while now, will know that we’re all about Japanese pop culture. It’s our thing, it’s what we do, and if you don’t mind me saying…we do it damn well. So to see a review like this on the site; one developed by Korean company Nurijoy, I understand that it can be quite startling, but we aim to please, and seeing as one of our loyal follows (@R0LAN65) has shown great interest in this title, and one of our review copy providers, Mindscape, offered it to us like they do many others, we simply couldn’t say no. Even if that wasn’t the case; Superbeat: Xonic is a rhythm game developed by a company with many years of musical experience, and they’ve, once again, created a video game that has gotten fans of the genre living all across the globe excite for what it has to offer. There’s no way we were going to let that slip by us. No way!

Thank you, once again, to Mindscape Australia in conjunction with Rising Star Games for allowing us the great opportunity to review Superbeat: Xonic in all it’s musical glory. Despite the fact that I personally am not a fan of this type of video game, I was instantly captivated by it’s extraordinary presence and for possibly the very first time as an amateur critic I was instantly hooked from the title screen alone. If there’s anyway to begin a game, it’s with an explosive expression of just what will be featured within it, and Superbeat: Xonic hit that mark before I even knew what that mark was!


Pure gameplay, Superbeat: Xonic doesn’t feature much in terms of an overall story. In the game’s opening cinematic, the player is somewhat introduced to both a male and female character who I’ve come to assume represents the person actually playing the game, but they’re never properly made known to the player, instead fading into obscurity quickly after the end of the catchy opening. This is fine though, because games like this don’t necessarily need a story. Superbeat: Xonic takes nothing away from the pure gameplay by adding in pesky storylines that would only seem to get in the way of the game’s arcade-style layout.

Speaking of; the way you go about playing Superbeat: Xonic is a lot like many other rhythm games currently in circulation, which isn’t a bad thing! Why fix what isn’t broken? Over years, the genre has been tweaked to the point of perfection, now most developers use the same, or similar, gameplay mechanic system, showing their individuality with track listings and small additions like Superbeat: Xonic’s level system that has you earning experience with every song you play through. Gaining levels unlocks DJ icons that help boost your health or overall experience earned. Levelling up also gives you access to new tracks that can be played in one of a couple different modes that, although under other names, essentially have you doing almost the exact same things.


Superbeat: Xonic has quite a steep learning curve, but the game gives you the option to slow down songs, and drop difficulty levels so that both experienced and inexperienced players alike can have a good time with the game. At times, I felt as though certain songs, even on the easy difficulty, were far too challenging for me, but after unlocking more tracks I cam to realise that the game doesn’t just award you with bigger, faster, harder songs, it gives you a variety that keeps you playing even if you are at a low skill level like myself.

You’d think it would go without saying, but for the sake of this review I feel as though I have to mention this at least once; the soundtrack is absolutely brilliant! Superbeat: Xonic features songs composed by actual artists that span almost every single different genre. From Jazzy Pop to Soft-Core Metal, Superbeat: Xonic has so much to offer meaning people, no matter what type of music they’re into, will find tracks that they’ll enjoy playing through. Not to mention the visuals that accompany said tracks, all of which will blow you away with their vibrance and track relativity. There’s just enough going on in the background of a song to stave away utter boredom, but not enough to take your gaze away from the game at hand. Nurijoy have found a perfect medium.


Superbeat: Xonic surprised me, to say the very least. For the third time in this review; I’m not a fan of the genre, and even though I occasionally try my hand at a rhythm game, I usually don’t stick with it very long. Superbeat: Xonic is just one of those games that defies likes and dislikes, simply because it is fun; something a video game is meant to be. Maybe I’ve been playing too many story-driven games as of late, but it was just nice to be able to sit back, enjoy some wonderful visuals and play my way through a series of well-composed songs that were made specifically for the immersion factor of this title. Nurijoy have gone and made a nice rhythm game that features not a single fault. Any fan of the genre will absolutely adore this title, and those of you out there like me will find find a reason to enjoy it, I can guarantee that! Superbeat: Xonic is a game that demands to be played, and I say you give it a shot. We all need a bit of music in our lives, why not feel like you’re the one making it for once?

Grade: A+



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