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Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS – Review


Let The Games Begin!

Arguably, the latest addition to the ‘Super Smash Bros.’ series of crossover fighting video games is the most anticipated of its legendary lineage. It may be that the internet has grown and hype is now something that explodes and expands beyond all fathomability. It may be that we’re just more excitable in this day and age. It may also be that Nintendo have been secretly drugging us to become more addicted to their games.

Regardless of all that, I believe it’s that it is the first of the series to come to a handheld console. That, alongside some other seriously impressive factors like upgraded graphics and large character roster, has made the game so sought after and, now that it is released and I’ve been playing it, I can see exactly why. Not that I didn’t have an idea about it beforehand. The original ‘Super Smash Bros.’ hit the Nintendo 64 just over fifteen years ago back in 1999 and ever since then the series has just gotten better with each new title.

Featuring fan favorite Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, Fox and Samus, it was already hard to pass up this games predecessors but now that the new title features characters like Megaman, Lucina, Little Mac and all the others, it has become even harder to look past. Not that, at this point in time, anyone would do so. ‘Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ plays much the same as ‘Brawl’. There are a whole bunch of new items to use and new trophy characters that can be summoned but, apart from that, everything else is much the same combat-wise.

Some may say that the fact that nothing has changed in that regard is a bad sign BUT when something like gameplay mechanics have worked for many, many years, I see no logic in changing them. Why fix what isn’t broken? The real question is; ‘how does the combat feel on a handheld console?’. For so long gamers have felt comfortable going at the game with all guns blazing, meaning that the controller may take a little bit of abuse. This was a big problem when it came out in Japan because many of the gamers over there were breaking their 3DS’ thumbsticks due to the intensity of matches. I, as someone who has played way too many hours of the game, see absolutely no way that my thumbstick could break while playing…and I’m VERY competitive. I found that ‘Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ played just as well as any of the console titles from the series.

I’m sure there was some tweaking in development to make moves a little easier to pull off for the sake of the console but they weren’t noticeable, in fact, I may be talking a bunch of nonsense and they don’t even exist. There’s not much to say about combat that fans of the series don’t already know. What you have to understand before jumping into the game is that this is just another ‘Super Smash Bros.’ and I’m not saying that in the bad way either. It plays like it always has and it plays the way it always should: Brilliantly. The only complain I have regarding matches is that, when you’re playing online, it is lags incredibly with some matches even being unable to play. Unfortunately, and it kills me to say anything against this game, but even local matches can be far too lag-filled to play. The game itself sometimes sent the SnapThirty team back to the main menu due to the inability to play the match. Notice I said ‘sometimes’, because it is not a regular occurrence but it is there and it is a little disappointing.

There’s so much to actually do in game. ‘Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ doesn’t just feature basic single and multiplayer modes. There are so many differaent things to play, I can’t actually list them all off the top of my head. From classic mode that has you taking on battle after battle until you’re to face Master Hand, to ‘Smash Run’ mode where you’re given five minutes to defeat enemies and power up before taking on a final challenge which will determine the winner, there’s more than just ‘hours of fun’ in this game.

Much, much more, each of which is so enjoyable. You’re given quite an extensive character roster to use instantly but it still features unlockable characters. Seeing ‘New Challenger Approaching’ is still just as exciting as it was the first time I saw it on the 64 version. What differentiates this game from the others, once again, when it comes to combat is that they’re highly customizable. New moves and equipment can be unlocked and attached to your characters which can then be used in any battle that allows them.

If the big roster isn’t enough for you, than you can make yourself a character by using your Mii as a base; something I may have been TOO excited for pre-release. Some characters, at first, seem unbalanced but each one of them has a different play style which, to get the most out of them, must be understood and mastered. Simple as that. Anyone that says differently just can’t get over the fact that they’re bad at the game. I happen to use Ness (from Earthbound) as my main character, of which I was once told nobody ever uses because he is, and I quote, “shitty”. My win streak begs to differ.

As expected of a new game, the graphics look amazing. Obviously not as good as what the Wii U version of the new ‘Super Smash Bros.’ is going to look like but we’re playing this on a 3DS and it looks better than, honestly, every other game on the system. THAT is saying something. Nintendo have clearly brought the best out of the 3DS’ graphical capabilities and I’ve yet to hear one complaint about the games visuals. Not only do the all the character models and environments look smooth but crisp, playing it in 3D just gives it so much more depth. No pun intended.

The only thing I can complain about when it comes to that is maybe that it cuts out on occasion, mostly just after a battle or just going into a battle though I’m not sure that’s a real complaint seeing as, in-battle, it looks down right superb. Seeing all my favorite stages in great quality really did well to warm my heart and bring me back to a simpler time in my life. Even seeing the new stages in such good quality put a glimmer in my eye. Being able to see such evolution in gaming…it’s quite a spectacle. Partnered up wonderfully with the visuals are, as you can probably guess, the audio. Most, if not all, of the music from previous games return for the 3DS version. Once again, not a bad thing. In fact, it’s very, very good.

Like all other ‘SSB’ titles, the auditory focus in a battle are the sounds of the attacks. More specifically, the sounds of someone exploding off screen thanks to an attack you landed. Oh my…that sound…that sweet, booming sound of victory. There’s literally no better sound than a charged attack that lands perfectly. That crack…it’s addictive. What excites me the most about ‘SSB For The 3DS’ is how actual sound effects from a characters’ respective game is taken, remastered and featured. I hate being knocked off a stage and sent to my booming death but when I get to hear the classic echoing sound of Megaman exploding, I hate losing a little less. As I said above, the audio just pairs up so damn well with what we’re seeing on screen and everything you hear is so satisfying.

‘Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ is exactly the game I thought I was buying. This franchise, through years of experience in development, has proven to me as well as many others on this planet that it cannot produce a bad game. ‘SSB For The 3DS’ delivers admirably on all fronts and, despite the miniscule places it fails, still stands tall as one of the very best games not only in the series but on the 3DS as a whole. It’s a game that somehow survived the hype train that Nintendo and fans of Nintendo built over the past months.

For a game to overcome astronomical expectations and blow players away with just how good it is, is a feat that many other contemporary titles unfortunately could not attain. Many video games fall victim to the unruly presumptions of an anticipated audience…’Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ double jumped their way above expectations, broke the Smash Ball, unleashed its Final Smash and blew the minds of gamers the world over. Including myself. Good game, ‘Super Smash Bros.’. The best player won. This much is clear.

Before jumping right in, check out the official site for the ‘Super Smash Bros. For The 3DS’ by Clicking Here.

Grade: A


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