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Space Dandy Part 1 Review


It’s all Dandy, baby

Space. The final frontier (as far as we know), full of mystery, adventure and wonder…also slackers, chain restaurants and sexy, sexy ladies. Such is the existence that Space Dandy calls his own. Drifting through life without a care in the universe, our unwitting hero finds himself in increasingly insane situations as even more insane villains chase him to the very boundaries of infinity, and then some. So follow along the best you can with the perilous journey of the Aloha Oe, a clunker of a ship that ferries our cast ever onward…whether it’s a good idea or not. That’s the Dandy way to live.

Dandy, but you can call him Space Dandy, is a man with a dream. A passion that drives him to continue on in a universe fraught with danger. That reason is Boobies my friends. More than just physical asset, in this particular representation of a space faring future, Boobies is one of the many breastaurants (as they are officially called) that populate the sea of stars that flows between planets. A beloved stop off that our fair Dandy hopes to one day own, if he ever gets enough money to do so…which is pretty far from possible. So let’s forget all that an focus on the present, because why clog your mind with concepts like “maybe” or “no” or “life threateningly stupid” when there are new aliens that need discovering? Because discovering aliens is Dandy’s self appointed career. Did I mention that? I probably should’ve mentioned that. Earlier than I did, but I didn’t, and I can’t change that. So let me throw out an apology and move onto the my next point (see how easy living in the present is? This is what one might call a self demonstrating article, although it’s bordering on the point of being a self aggrandising one so I’ll close these brackets now).


A dandy guy…in space

Now you may be wondering why I haven’t been forthcoming with the overall plot of Space Dandy. Allow me to elucidate my curious companions; it is because Space Dandy is more akin to a collection of stories than a coherent story, although there are hints of one. It’s like a magic trick; you know there’s a kind of sense behind it, but until you figure it out all you can do is sit back and enjoy. With each episode featuring its own unique sense of story and visuals, every one of Dandy’s adventures feels as fresh and spectacular as the one that preceded it. Though owing to the nature of the series (which is less-than serious, in case you still weren’t certain), this bundle of misadventures all feels completely home under the Dandy banner. What I’m getting at here is that if you come into the series with a bright eyed innocence, laced with a propensity for the raunchy, you will enjoy yourself %100. Such an attitude will also allow the sombre, emotional moments (which totally exist) to hit you even harder. So let your inhibitions go and run the gamut of your emotions, because why not?


An even dandier girl…also in space

Suited of a series that follows the exploits of a relatively unsuccessful womaniser/alien hunter across the galaxy, the visuals of Space Dandy evoke fun in every asset. The plethora of potential targets that fall within Dandy’s sight feature all manner of physiology and truly give the feeling that the universe is a diverse place. Not every creature features the bipedal stature that we humans find to be normal, whether they align themselves with the forces of good or evil is irrelevant and preconceptions as to what monsters look like are often subverted. That being said, there are plenty of females that, regardless of species, fit the bill as to what would be attractive to the homo sapien populace. Though if you’re surprised by this, you haven’t been paying attention. That being said, fan service is by no means one sided. Dandy ain’t no slouch, baby and he goes sans shirt plenty. So whatever you’re into, you’ll probably find it. The universe is a vast place after all, and one that is a veritable cornucopia of colour, character and chaos to boot. There’s rarely a moment that doesn’t give a rainbow a run for its money and prove to you that colour exists even within the depths of the unknown.


A battle of giants, baby

Even amidst all the awesomeness that this series carries with it, focus should still be drawn to the English dub which, by all accounts, kicks mondo alien booty, baby (it’s even the default language selection for the release, which happens far less than you’d think). Each member of the cast, whether they be main characters or the numerous voices that build the background, performs with the humour, seriousness or introspection befitting their appearance. Befitting this checklist, Dandy is completely brought to life by Ian Sinclair’s performance. Given his larger than life persona, a flat performance would’ve seriously stunted such a protagonist. Luckily, we are instead given vocals full of emotion, personality and child-like wonder. The soundtrack that permeates the series is also in the vein of audio that is not easy to forget. With a healthy does of slap bass whenever things heat up, or a soulful ballad that serves to tie together a moment of wonder, the series has all of the tools it needs to make its sounds as striking as its visuals. Tools it uses very wisely indeed.


The big kahuna is back, baby

Space Dandy is awesome. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. What for the most part is an exercise in insanity, is at its core a heartfelt and emotional series. If anything, it’s this contradiction that adds more weight to each moment, allowing them to truly resonate with you. Though, if you’re not feeling particularly soul searchy, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Count every reference you can find (those who find the Cowboy Bebop ones shall immediately become my friend), marvel at what can only be described as a complete colour palette and watch joyously as the fourth wall shatters before you. But whatever you choose, just remember to go with the flow. That’s the Dandy way to live, baby.

Warp on over Madman way and join in the spectacular space adventures of Space Dandy and his space crew…in space

Grade: A+


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