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So I Can’t Play H! – Review


I’m normally a big fan of the harem genre, with quite a few over the past few years really standing out in our massive bag of anime goodness and setting the path for other franchises of their kind to follow. I’m talking about the shows like Grisaia and Nisekoi, Henneko and OniAi, and of course DxD and Monster Musume, with them either having great comedy, interesting backstories and/or just enough fan service to satisfy our otherworldly desires. With the good comes the bad however, big examples being IS, Testament of Sister New Devil and the infamous School Days, where you ponder big questions like “Why am I even watching this?” and/or “What was the creator of this even thinking!?” because the story is going nowhere, the characters are bland and boring and the shows, especially in the last two shows listed, are borderline hentai. In which case, you’ll probably have more fun watching hentai seriously then watching shows that are just continuous teasers just to try and rake in a quick buck.

So out of all this, where does So I Can’t Place H! lye in the harem hierarchy? Does it belong with some of the best or worst, or is it stuck in a limbo state between the two? Well, it’s my job to, hopefully, answer that question for you so that you can decide whether or not you’d like to see it. That or I’ll have to clean up countless amounts of tears and salt due to my opinion being ‘wrong’.

Lisara Tears


To start things off, let’s take a brief no-spoilers look over the story. Our main character, Ryosuke Kaga, is a bit of an ‘eager’ lad who sports the generic hairstyle and colour of most harem protagonists. He also lives by himself due to his parents being away from home, one from work and the other being “dead”. He’s also got himself a childhood friend who secretly likes him, so that’s five points on the whiteboard from episode one. To cut a long story short, he meets our main female protag, Lisara Restole a ‘grim reaper’, outside of his home, they make a ‘contract’ which gives energy to Lisara and they kill some demon creature. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Baz this is a horrible synopsis” and I agree with you, but there isn’t too much else story wise I can tell you without entering spoiler territory and hell, I’ve technically already half-spoiled some of it by mentioning a certain someone that has something(ed) and gone somewhere(arather). There are 4 girls in the harem, 3 being reapers, someone will apparently die in 3 months if they don’t find some uber-strong person and Ryosuke gains the nickname “Pervsuke” because of how much of a perv he is.

I don’t really know how to explain my thoughts about the story to be completely honest. On one side, all the aspects of the story (plot, comedic effects, fan service points e.t.c.) have all been done better in other shows like DxD, I really tried not to compare this to it but the similarities are just too big, and The Devil is a Part-Timer!, but it isn’t bad either so I can’t really ‘bag’ anything about it. The story at this point really just makes it an average show, one that you might enjoy if you turn your brain off, or one you might enjoy if you don’t really take in the story of whatever it is you’re watching/reading/playing. In the end, it’s just a big ball of “meh” really.


Just like their attempts of fan service 

Looking at the animation for the show, Feel have done a pretty good job with keeping up a decent looking world/s for our characters to explore, along with some pretty cool monsters (even if they’re generic tentacle monsters). The characters themselves however are mostly decent at times, but every now and again they can look inconsistent. The way Feel handled the fight scenes was probably the best example of the show, with the elemental abilities of the reapers looking really cool, flame shields and massive lightning strikes galore.

Now the soundtrack, oh boy the soundtrack. So we’ll start with the good, the in-show tracks. The show tracks are okay at best, they fit the scenes well and aren’t overly irritating or amazing. Looking at the OP and ED though is where we have some issues. The OP is just down right annoying, visual side not as much, and I found myself skipping it the second it was on the screen. And the ED just makes me want to smack my head against the wall. Not because of the song, the song isn’t too bad really, but because of Feel’s choice for the visual part: THEY SPOIL A MAJOR TROPE FOR THE KIND OF SHOW SO I CAN’T PLAY H IS. Like, they just throw it in there like it’s nothing and that really, REALLY annoyed me. I get the fact that it is bluntly obvious but still, you shouldn’t be showing who the ‘winner’ is by the second episode.



Overall, So I Can’t Play H! is not really a show that stands out from the crowd. The story is average and has been done better before in the past, the animation holds up in the fights and the soundtrack only sightly helps the matter. Really, it’s your choice if you would like to watch this or not although I would probably recommend you to watch other shows. So I Can’t Play H! did make me laugh once or twice though, well more of a chuckle really but you get the idea, and I can see a pretty cool world being built up if the author wants to put effort into it (yes I know the original light novel run is finished). Really, I can only see people who love watching ecchi anime really get invested in this story, so if you do decide to skip this one I won’t stop you.

So I Can’t Play H! is available to stream right now in our AU/NZ region over on AnimeLab, or you can pick it up over on Madman’s website.

So, what are your thoughts on the show? Did you love the adventures of Pervsuke and Co. or were you crying over how ridiculous some of the plot points were to give some good ‘ol fan service? Let me know in the comments below!

Grade: C


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