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Majestic Prince Part Two Review

majestic-prince-2When it comes to utterly pedestrian mecha anime, Majestic is prince. With so many other anime taking the tried and true mecha formula into fresh new directions and deconstructing the entire premise of mecha at its core, Majestic Prince simply comes off as old hat. It’s a throwback for sure, but with the exciting direction the genre has taken in recent times with series like Valvrave the Liberator and Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Majestic Prince just can’t keep up.

Continuing on from part one of the series, Hanabee’s second part release wraps the series up and somewhere along the way loses just about all charm that it once had in its early goings. Part of what made the first half of Majestic Prince at least a bit of fun was its sense of humour, which while goofy for the most part gave the series something distinguishable about it. Unfortunately things become a rather serious affair in this second cour and it is at the expense of the series’ fun side, which was pretty much all it had going for it.


As I mentioned in my review of part one, Majestic Prince is a relatively familiar mecha fare that does little to go beyond the mold that was laid out decades ago. For some this old school mecha style will prove to be interesting but when the genre has evolved into much more it is hard to not feel a little deflated with the antics of the series.

Worth nothing is the lack of character development across the span of the series. The entire Team Rabbits crew barely evolves beyond the archetypes they are alotted from episode one and don’t ever develop any modicum of genuine humanity underneath the writing. These characters just don’t feel like real people and the dialogue is as wooden as it comes.


While the story is rather weak at best and the characterization is some of the worst I’ve seen in this genre in quite some time, the action sequences are quite a sight to behold. The choreography of these scenes is very well done and the CGI is effective in conveying the high octane action as it unfolds.

The aesthetics of Majestic Prince are hit and miss for the most part but it is ultimately the series’ most unique feature. The rather simplistic character designs are reminiscent of 90s anime, the mecha CGI is distinctly modern by comparison. It’s a stark contrast that works rather well in Majestic Prince’s favour and winds up being the best thing about this otherwise lackluster series.


Majestic Prince is hit and miss anime at its most frustrating. There are some things about this series that prove somewhat interesting and there was an initial sense of charm that made watching fun. But as it went on the series devolved into a scattershot mecha tale that is more lame than anything. That being said it’s not to say that there isn’t someone out there that will find themselves enthralled by this mecha anime throwback, but unfortunately if you’re anything like me, last decade’s sloppy leftovers just aren’t going to cut it for me.

You can pick up a copy of Majestic Prince Part 2 on Hanabee’s Online Store.

Grade: D


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