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Majestic Prince Part One Review

majestic-prince-part-1What’s cooler than old school? Well.. a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean old school isn’t pretty cool in its own right. Majestic Prince is an anime that aims for the old school kind of cool and for the most part succeeds.

Where Majestic Prince comes undone is its far too well-trodden setting and its story that feels ripped straight out of a Sunrise series from the 80s. You can’t help but feel like you’ve been here before, its teens piloting mechs in space as part of mech school, its Majestic Prince.

Now while the premise of Majestic Prince is about as fresh as expired milk, the characterization does go a ways to correcting course. The main cast carries the material admirably, elevating some rather asinine plotting to greater heights than it has any right to.

Team Rabbits or more commonly known as the Fail Five, make for a solid cast to build the series around, each with their own quirks and eccentricities.


The growth of the Fail Five over this first part of the series is fairly well done for the most part, with Izuru, Toshikazu and Tamaki all showing significant development over the course of the collective 12 episodes that make up this first cour. Unfortunately the other members of the team remain largely joke characters with little importance to the plot’s direction.

It must be said that while the story-telling is quite routine and at times very forgettable, the action sequences are quite a sight to behold. The choreography of the action sequences are well planned with great staging for these incredible clashes. Majestic Prince is honestly at its best when it stops talking and starts fighting, because more intricate moments are captured in these less talky scenes than in the segments of heavy exposition.


While Majestic Prince feels old hat in terms of story-telling the animation and art is rather captivating in its old school meets new school style. The action sequences are beautifully animated with some CGI present and the character designs are all rather distinct and feel like something you would see in a Gundam series, which is a compliment of course. The fluidity to some of the sequences makes for some mighty fine eye candy, and gives the series some a much needed breath of life into its stagnant plotting.

Hanabee’s release of Majestic Prince Part One is a fairly decent one to say the least but unfortunately it is relatively bare bones as far as bonus features and content go. Perhaps the best part of the release is its inclusion of Sentai Filmworks English dub which while starring a handful of rookie voice actors is an impressive outing by Sentai and their talented young actors.


Ultimately Majestic Prince is a pedestrian mecha anime effort at best, with a few memorable characters shining through a weak plot that feels decades old. The animation is well done by Dogakobo and Sentai FIlmworks English dub cast make something special out of the relatively weak material they were given. Part One ends in a way that leaves little desire for more but Majestic Prince at least works on a basic level as a simple mecha that it is worth a watch if you are looking to pass some time with some light entertainment. Just don’t expect anything mind blowing and you might just enjoy Majestic Prince, otherwise look elsewhere for something more substantial.

You can pick up a copy of Majestic Prince Part One from Hanabee here.

Grade: D


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