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Kill la Kill Volume 5 Review


For everything that ever was…

Here we are people, the end of the line. The climactic finale to a series that relishes in insanity, dwells in the hyperbolic and subtly presents the notion that any one person having a monopoly over any aspect of business is a tremendously dangerous occurrence that can spell the end of choice and the free market…or freedom in general…or something like that. But mainly the insanity thing, that’s the main take away from this. So, let the conclusive conclusion of the conclusive edition commence.

When last we saw our dynamic duo, they were a lot less…duo-ish. Having discovered the secret of her origins, which no-one even knew existed, Ryuko is understandably confused about her life. Unlucky for all around her, this confusion takes the form of a blinding rage that causes her to lash out at each and every one of her friends. Even one of Mako’s classic Hallelujah! moments doesn’t snap her out of her funk, so you know that it’s serious. Surprisingly however, Ryuko’s anger is not misguided despite its intensity. She is acutely aware of what it is that torments her and tells her friends as much. Sure it doesn’t help the situation, but it’s pretty refreshing to see a character who completely understands their situation.


Bad things come in threes

However, just when you thought it was bad enough, the series breaks into a full sprint and launches itself squarely into your heart, or wherever it is that humans store their emotions. Following an unfortunate clash with Ragyo, we are forced to bear witness to one of the saddest and most twisted examples of a mental attack. It’s just so…brutal. As if the concept wasn’t enough, the soundtrack and visuals add extra levels of intensity to the scene that make it very hard to forget. See, this is what I love about this series. Though its premise is mired in the ludicrous, it continuously evolves a sense of coherence that elicits acceptance for all it presents. Who’d have thought that a series that began with super powered school uniforms could turn into this? I sure as heck didn’t. but I’m sure as heck glad that it did.

With the emotional turmoil still ever present and a neat little inversion of character showing us just how much everyone has developed throughout the series, Kill la Kill once again manages to up the ante and present us with battles that dwarf those of the past. Be it in speed, power or even size, these final clashes are truly epic in scale. Just as always however, this all seems like a natural progression of the series, rather than a sudden upswing for no reason. I mean, it is a sudden upswing, but that’s just what Kill la Kill is all about. Ryuko and friends newly coined catchphrase paints it perfectly; “Nonsense is how we roll.”


Even the meek are mighty

Something that particularly stood out to me this volume was the music that accompanied the events of these final episodes. Though cool tunes are far from new to this series, I just felt as if they were used to their fullest potential this time around. The poignant song that played during Ryuko’s emotional breakdown and the return of the first opening song added an extra layer to their respective moments that really drove them home.

I’m honestly not sure what’s left to say about this series. It’s been five volumes now (which it shall remain due to this being the finale) and I’ve spent each and every one discussing how awesome I think this series is. So I figure that by now you get the point. Kill la Kill is a series that hits hard, hits fast and never stops hitting. Just when you think you have a handle on the characters, their motivations or the situation in general, it pulls the rug out from under you and puts another one back before you hit the ground. Sure you’ll feel like events are spiralling out of control, but they never don’t make sense (double negative).



Thus Kill la Kill is over. A series so over the top that its very first episode saw a student dragged through solid concrete by the barbed whip of a giant like it was no big deal. Namely because it was no big deal, it wasn’t even an important fight, just a random student who got too big for his briches. From there we climbed ever upwards and only ever slowed down so that the next plot development could occur twice as fast. It’s a ridiculous series, built upon a ridiculous premise, filled out by a cast of ridiculous people…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Grade: A+


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