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Kill la Kill Volume 4 Review


Mother’s home…

Boom! Crash! Bang! Some other explosive onomatopoeia! The last time we saw our bombastic lass, she was hauling ass on a no-brakes slalom through enemy territory, all in the hopes of retrieving her dear friend/school uniform Senketsu. But before we could see the thrilling climax…Volum 3 ended. Unfortunate to be sure, but now we’re back, riding high atop a release entitled Volume 4. That’s right people, more Kill la Kill. With that knowledge keeping you warm and sending your anticipation meters through the roof, it’s time to find out whether or not our intrepid duo will at long last be reunited.

So, do you wan’t to know? Do you? Do you? Do you? Of course Ryuko and Senketsu reunite. Why wouldn’t they? Nary an episode into this collection, the student with flair and a shock of red hair unleashes fury most dangerous upon Satsuki Kiruin, who held the final piece of Senketsu. Immediately thereafter, the Kamui clad students clashed in a fight that transcended dimensions (by which I mean animation shifted between 2D and 3D forms). It was also around this time that the Hannouji Strikeforce (or whatever they’re calling themselves nowadays) completed their raid on Osaka and made their merry way back home/to school. Left slightly infuriated at the fact the bad guys chalked up a victory, Ryuko (and audience members) rejoice at the long awaited revelation of all the juicy little pieces of information Mikisugi has been hiding for the entirety of the series.


They’ve always been at each other’s throats

Now, I don’t exactly want to get into the specifics of it all here, but let me just say this one little thing: the information revealed changes everything. Like, all of the things. Though the insanity of some facts may belittle other series, the overall nature of Kill la Kill means that you just kind of sit back and let it happen. It’s less jumping the shark, than it is riding the shark to greater heights. That being said (in the ridiculous way that I do), these revelations also carry with them a great deal of dramatic and emotional weight, lending well to the characters and motivations previously established in the series. Though it now stands far beyond the scope of its early episodes, it feels like a natural evolution, befitting the pace and style that was established since the series’ onset. I mean, the series even crams its entire recap into a prologue, after purposefully leading you on into believing that it would drag on for an entire episode (as is the unfortunate norm of longer running anime). What other series has the smarts to condense its recap and the bravado to goad you? Not many, not many at all.



Sure it’s a crazy series with a ridiculous premise, but it is one with the wherewithal to lean into its ideals and create an environment for this chaos to flourish. If that didn’t exist, then Kill la Kill would’ve just been another bonkers anime series for the world to pick apart. But it isn’t. Instead we are left with something that utilises its strengths and flaws in equal measure to bring forth something truly spectacular. Fanservice be damned, this is a series that will have you completely accepting the fact that half of its cast walks around naked. We have more important things to focus on. We have a protagonist so mired in rage that it almost destroyed everything. We have an antagonist so driven to complete her goals that its hard not to admire her, especially after meeting her mother. Yikes. We’ve also got an airhead somewhere in the mix that boils logic down to the point it sounds idiotic, but she’s never wrong. There aren’t too many series out there that can truly run the gamut of emotions like this. One second, your amped up, ready to watch some fibres fly, and the next you’re sitting there in shock like someone tore your heart out of your chest.


Fall in line, or fall in battle

Say what you will about the chaotic art style, the grandiose premise, or even the excessive lack of fabric in a series centred around clothing, because when it comes right down to it, Kill la Kill kick ass. Not despite these facts, but rather because of them. Call it meta, call it saccharine, hell, call me wrong, but to me this series is one that relishes in itself to a point where you can’t deny it. To where you stop comparing it to other anime you’ve seen and just enjoy it. I don’t get that from a lot of anime, but I do from Kill la Kill. That’s why I love it.

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Grade: A+


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