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‘High School DxD New’ Review

high-school-dxd-new-boxartWhen an anime begins with its protagonist waking up to boobs in the face, you know what you’re getting yourself into. With High School DxD, boobs to the face is essentially the name of the game and with its second season High School DxD New, the adventures of the would-be Harem King Issei Hyodou reach new levels of fan-service with just about every scene resulting in at least one full blown breast shot. So if that’s your kinda thing, you’re in for a raucous good time with this flat-out fun series, but if a bit of the ole ‘NSFW’ style of anime is not your cup of tea, this is probably the last thing you’d want to be watching.

Regardless of all that High School DxD is one of the most enjoyable harem series ever produced and with its level of self awareness and over the top enthusiasm for its subject matter, it is hard not to fall head over heels into High School DxD’s buxom bosom.


This second season picks up where we left off last with Issei still on his way to becoming the apparent ‘harem king’ but now with a reputation to boot. It seems that just about everyone in his school is under the assumption that he is hooking up with just about every girl that crosses his path and that he is even picking up some guys as well (the yaoi fan girls need some love too). But things don’t stay still for long as fellow demon Kiba becomes entangled in a struggle over the legendary swords of Excalibur. Issei naturally gets involved and things roll from there. I really do love the fact that for all its over the top fan service and unbridled enthusiasm for all things oppai, High School DxD still takes the time to develop interesting characters and an exciting story filled with action and deep mythos.

What really makes High School DxD a cut above to rest is its self awareness. This is an anime that knows what it is and just revels in it shamelessly. There is a lot to be admired about that kind of passion for what you’re making and its clear that the team behind this series had a lot of fun putting it together.


While it is often the case that the original Japanese audio is the preferred way to experience anime for most viewers I must highly recommend watching this with Funimation’s genuinely hilarious English dub which seems deadset on using just about every synonym for boobs known to man and even invent some of its own. Scott Freeman is excellent as our perverted protagonist Issei and the entire dub production is a testament to Funimation’s brilliant ADR direction and casting. Furthermore the series soundtrack is one of the best in the genre and is truly a cut above the standard.

Madman’s release of this second season in itself is incredible and jam-packed with bonus content. Included on disc is a special feature titled ‘Yoko Hikasa’s Voice Acting High School’, more featurettes and promos alongside commercials and the usual textless opening and endings. It all makes for a definitive of this modern harem classic.


High School DxD New continues the anime’s streak of brilliance taking the harem genre to heights it has never reached before. Its sense of fun and self awareness make it something truly special and if you don’t mind seeing a boob or two you’ll find yourself enjoying what is undoubtedly the standard bearer of the harem genre. Who ever said that fan-service heavy anime can’t be good obviously never watched High School DxD.

You can grab a firm hold of High School DxD New over at Madman’s Online Store.

Grade: A


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