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Godzilla PS4 Review

godzilla-game-boxartWhen you hear the name Godzilla, there are a few things you are likely to think of. Perhaps it is the classic 1954 monster flick from Japanese film legend Ishiro Honda or maybe it is the 1999 Hollywood recreation that Matthew Broderick felt up for a moment or two. Regardless of your personal memories of the King of the Monsters it goes without saying that Godzilla is a name known the world over as one of the all time greatest characters ever conceived. A misunderstood hero often painted as a villain whose goal is both simple and profound, protect this world from all who mean to do it harm. He is the King of the Monsters and the savior of this planet we call Earth.

While Godzilla has had many different evolutions over the years the heart of the monster has always been clear regardless of whether the film in which he was starring was a good one (2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars) or a bad one (1999’s Godzilla). With Godzilla for the PS4, Bandai Namco have created a collective exploration into the entire history of the world’s favourite Kaiju.


With just about every Kaiju to ever appear in Godzilla as well as nearly every incarnation of the king himself, this is undoubtedly the most definitive Godzilla game ever made. The game plays with heavy controls and gives a sense of weight and gravitas to the Kaiju as they clash in epic combat. All the while the game never loses focus of the core of the Godzilla franchise, protecting life and the people and monsters who cherish it. It makes for an interesting contrast as many of the game modes have you destroy nuclear reactors and fight against humans too naive to know the error of their ways.

The real fun of the game however comes in the way of the Kaiju battles. Pitting your favourite Kaiji against others is a lot of fun and the clashes are not only epic but feel like a Godzilla film has been put into your hands and you decide the action. I personally found the variety of styles and techniques between Kaiju like Rodan and Battra to be fascinating, challenging myself to come up with more bizarre fantasy match up pairings.

If you are a fan of the Godzilla franchise you are going to be absolutely absorbed into this game. It has just about everything a Godzilla fanatic could ask for in a game and the idea of fantasy match ups between Kaiju is something that any Godzilla fan has once pondered. Want to see Mothra face off against Jet Jaguar? Well now you can make it so with this game.


The game has several different playable modes each varying in play mechanics and style. The first of which is the God of Destruction mode which follows the story of Godzilla as he attempts to save humanity from their own nuclear ambition. You head around the city and take out nuclear reactors and fight against other Kaiju that decide to rock up and cause some trouble. This is essentially the main story mode of the game.

There is also the King of Kaiju mode which is basically the wave based mode where waves of Kaiju attack you and your job is to take down as many as you can before dying. In this mode you can play as any Kaiju you have unlocked. Most Kaiju are unlockable through the God of Destruction mode but some are unlockable in other ways. Along the same lines as this mode is the VS Mode which takes you online as a Kaiju of your choice to duke it out with other players. It is a fun mode but really could have done with an offline multiplayer component to add some couch multiplayer fun but alas it was not to be.


Godzilla simply looks great on the PS4 with each Kaiju rendered in gorgeous detail. There are some minor clipping issues in highly congested battle sequences but it never takes away from the gaming experience in any major way. Utilizing hues of red and gray the game captures the visual style of the Godzilla films and even utilizes a black and white visual style during the portions of the game focusing on the original 1954 film.

In terms of the games audio there are plenty of classic Godzilla tunes as part of the game’s soundtrack which is a pleasant little trip down memory lane for fans of the long running series. However there is some rather unfortunately stiff dialogue in the game’s story mode which really does break the tension at times. Despite that the soundtrack more than makes up for it with a roaring symphony of destruction underscoring the action at all times.


Godzilla PS4 is a game made expressly for fans of the franchise. This will be a bit of a hard pitch to those who haven’t had any great interaction with Godzilla outside of Hollywood’s attempts as the game takes many of its cues from the Japanese series of films and the cavalcade of Kaiju that are part of its extended Godzilla universe. Regardless of that however the game is a fun beat em up type of game that pits big bad monsters against one another in city-leveling destruction. It is simply a fun game for those who aren’t so initiated into the extended history of Godzilla and it is undoubtedly THE GAME for those who are. Can you hear that sound? It is the roar of the King of Kaiju ascending his throne once more, Godzilla PS4 is a spirited tribute to the beast of the east.

Grade: A


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