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Fight for Flight – Haikyu!! (Complete Season One) – Humble Opinions

The beginning of a beautiful friendship…kinda

What do only the best anime consist of? Easy. High school, teenage boys and the wonderful world of sport. Now I can’t lie to you, I’m a sucker for these anime, because who isn’t? I cannot resist twenty minutes of straight pretty boys. I mean…I don’t mean they’re straight, as I myself fell victim to the world of ships and OTPs. Without getting off track (Tsuki and Kuroo is best ship), I’ve seen them all. Prince of Stride, Kuroko’s Basketball and the like. Nothing comes close though to Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! is about none other than the popular Japanese sport: Volleyball. Much like other sports anime that follow the pretty boys, Haikyu!! is also quite devoted the the sport itself. The anime focuses more on the matches and the actual games than fan service. Haikyu!! depicts the volleyball games accurately and is just as intense as watching a match in real life.

Manager of our hearts

Haikyu!! follows Shoyo Hinata, a boy with a great amount of passion that doesn’t exactly match his height. Though volleyball is a height dominated sport, we follow Hinata’s journey as he never gives up and stays strong with the power of his will and team mates, overcoming the limits of his stature. There is not one single character in this anime that is annoying or out of place. Everyone has their own backstory and fits well with the others.

Let your hair hang down

Storylines are extremely important to any TV show and Haikyu!! has one that’s easy to follow and also really fun. The story focuses on Hinata’s school team, Karasuno, as they aim to make it to Nationals and you get to watch as they all make new friends, new enemies and gain new skills individually, and as a team, along the way.

I tend to not be the biggest fan of English dubs, as sometimes they seemed too forced or too cringey, but this wasn’t the case for Haikyu!! Being popular, and my personal favourite anime, Haikyu!! was thankfully dubbed extremely well. Starring the voices of Bryson Baugus and Scott Gibbs, the English dub makes the anime an easy watch for those who aren’t a fan of subs, or for those who just want an excuse to re-watch one of their favourite anime.

Back in Black (and Orange)

It’s such a light-hearted and fun anime that anyone of anime taste or age can easily enjoy it. I personally even watched Haikyu!! with my big bro (Hi, Kane!). Each new episode is full of new laughs and new plot points to keep you intrigued and entertained.


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  1. Alex Prange says

    I absolutely love Haikyuu!! It’s funny, fun, light-hearted and emotional at different points, and the characters steadily grew into themselves. The team chemistry was a high point for me. Overall I love the series, and actually picked up on the manga where the anime left off! Great review! Very well-put covering the season in a short span.

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