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Blade of the Immortal author starting Romance Manga series

waves-listen-to-meIn a rather interesting turn of events, Hiroaki Samura the author of samurai action manga epic Blade of the Immortal has announced in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine that he is starting up a romance manga series which will rather strangely not feature samurai at all. It is almost as if the Samura is trying to tell a story unrelated to his previous manga in any shape or form, fancy that huh?

The new romance manga is tentatively titled Waves, Listen to Me and will tell a tale of a man and woman and their romance filled with tears and laughter set against the backdrop of the lovely city of Sapporo. the manga is set to launch in July in Afternoon magazine.

Samura’s Blade of the Immmortal series concluded its run back in 2012 after a 19 year long serialization. It will surely be interested seeing him tackle a subject that does not involve blades and fighting and cool samurai stuff like that.


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