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The Future of AEW – Media Call with Cody Rhodes – Going Over

On 19th February 2020, All Elite Wrestling held a media conference call with Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes. Members of the media were invited onto the call to ask questions regarding the future of All Elite Wrestling, and we at SnapThirty were lucky enough to be invited to partake in the conference call as well.

There were several very interesting pieces of information divulged by Cody during the Q&A portion of the call. Interesting to note was that Cody spoke in detail about the talent development and scouting process of AEW. He announced that he has opened a wrestling school which will be called ‘The Nightmare Factory’ and confirmed that AEW signees Sadie Gibbs and Anthony Agogo will be training at the school. Furthermore, he confirmed that he will be scouting talent at the NCAA Wrestling Tournament with Taz later this year.

When asked his opinion on who is the currently most underrated wrestler in All Elite Wrestling, Cody immediately said Jack Evans, member of the tag team ‘The Hybrid Two’. He said that not many people are aware how good Jack truly is and Cody said he would love to at some point have a singles match with Jack if possible.

The subject of the recently debuting ‘Bounty Hunter’ Jeff Cobb came up and his contract status was questioned to Cody. Cody advised that Jeff Cobb’s contract situation is somewhat ‘in gestation’ at the moment and he is effectively a free agent working between New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and now All Elite Wrestling. He went on to state that Tony Khan has structured contracts in a way that there is no blanket contract for all wrestlers and different deals will be struck based on the needs and wants of the wrestler in question. He made reference to Jericho and Moxley being allowed to work for New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of their unique individual contracts as an example of this.

Cody was at one point asked to comment regarding the controversial comments of former WWE wrestler Val Venis. It was noted that Val Venis had slammed AEW for booking Nyla Rose, a transgender woman, to win their women’s world title. Cody utterly shut down the comments, calling them transphobic and the attempts of a wrestler no one really remembers anymore trying to get himself a booking. Cody declared that Val Venis will never be booked by AEW in any capacity after these transphobic comments.

Later in the call Cody was asked about the Canadian television deal with TSN and how the ratings had been going. Cody confirmed that both AEW and TSN were very happy with the ratings of Dynamite and while nothing has been set in stone there are plans to run an event in Canada at some point, most likely in Toronto. Cody remarked that he may get in trouble for breaking that news as it is still in planning stages at this point.

The topic of trademarks had come up in regards to old WCW brands and show titles. Cody said that Bash at the Beach was something fun that they wanted to do. He said there is one other WCW show title that he has up his sleeve to use but other than that it is mostly just to recover the creations of his father Dusty Rhodes. He said ultimately it is unlikely we will see too many old WCW trademarks popping up on AEW television.

He was also asked about the trademark situation regarding the event that started it all for AEW, the independently produced All In pay-per-view event. Cody confirmed that AEW is not currently seeking to acquire the rights to the video footage of the event from Ring of Honor. He further stated that Ring of Honor do not own the trademark for All In instead it is actually owned by Matt and Nick Jackson’s company ‘Killing The Business’. That said they have no interest to continue using the name All In.

Also brought up was the upcoming event Double or Nothing 2. Cody stated his excitement for the show and said that the plan currently is to keep the Double or Nothing event in Las Vegas each year at the MGM Grand Arena of which they are great partners. Cody stated that there will be several shows running that weekend which would be part of the Double or Nothing weekend, but he did not clarify what other events or shows will be taking place as part of that.

That wraps up the contents of the media conference call. Cody will face Mr Mayhem Wardlow in a steel cage this week on Dynamite and will take on MJF at the Revolution pay-per-view should he survive the cage match with Wardlow.


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