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Asuka Makes WWE Debut as a Worthwhile Addition to a Flourishing Women’s Division


WWE NXT is the place where wrestling stars are born, and even seasoned veterans are born anew when they step inside the NXT ring. Wrestling in the independent scene for nearly a decade, the performer formerly known as Kana made her stunning debut on NXT‘s special extravaganza: TakeOver Respect in a match against Dana Brooke.

Asuka made a special entrance while donning a Japanese doll mask, and it didn’t take long to see why she is one of the most respected women in the wrestling business today. Asuka goes into a match with killer instinct, all with an adorable smile on her face. She’s a living,breathing Yandere if we ever saw one. She’s adorable and also a beast, which makes her very scary.

Asuka ended her debut match with a hold made famous by the legendary Bob Backlund: The Crossface Chickenwing. It’s a painful cringe-inducing hold for sure, and not many people latch it in with the same ferocity as Bob Backlund did during his prime, but Asuka is probably the only person to ever come close.

In an event where women’s wrestling took center stage (with Bayley vs Sasha Banks in an Ironwoman Match as the main event), it was great to see Asuka represent Japanese wrestling in spectacular fashion, and contribute to the women’s wrestling revolution of 2015.


*Images courtesy of @Jeremy_Peeples

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