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KARATE by BabyMetal is the Official Theme Song of NXT TakeOver: The End


I can’t believe I am typing this.

Japanese kawai metal band, BabyMetal, is larger than life as it is, and they have silenced nay sayers and broken barriers in ways no one could have anticipated. I picked up their latest CD from JB Hi-Fi just the other day. There’s more I want to say, and believe or not I have a special article dedicated to BabyMetal in the works, but in the meantime here’s a piece of news that simply needs to be shared: A BabyMetal song is being used as the official theme for an American wrestling event, and it makes perfect sense.

NXT TakeOver, which is the PPV series of WWE‘s NXT brand, has quickly become a must see event whenever it is held. So far there has yet to be a bad NXT TakeOver as each event has surpassed the last by leaps and bounds. We’ve written about NXT here at SnapThirty before, because after all, NXT is the only place where you can find three of the hottest Japanese wrestling stars: Hideo Itami (formerly KENTA, and is set to return from injury in a matter of weeks), the incomparable Shinsuke Nakamura (pretty sure this man might secretly be god), and of course the vicious Asuka (formerly Kana, and is the current reigning and defending NXT Women’s Champion).

So the next NXT TakeOver, subtitled The End, will take place on June 8 (June 9 for us Aussies). NXT TakeOver: The End will feature Asuka defending the Women’s belt against Nia Jax, and Shinsuke Nakamura will take on the the self-proclaimed Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries. The official theme song for the event? none other than the hit single KARATE by BabyMetal. Given the influx of Japanese talent and the strong influence of New Japan Pro Wrestling on WWE‘s product lately (with an offshoot of Bullet Club and all). It only makes sense to have KARATE (which is an epic song by the way) to be a fitting theme song for NXT TakeOver: The End.

Don’t believe me? Well you can take Triple H’s word for it!

I don’t know what’s cooler: KARATE as a NXT theme song or Triple H rocking out to some BabyMetal!


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