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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Legacy of Music Episode 2 Trailer Released


The show must go on

Listen well Final Fantasy Fanatics because your next instalment of Theatrhythm is just around the corner. Owing to this, Square Enix has released a new trailer to showcase some of the new tunes that lie behind the curtain. Focusing on an earlier era of finality, said trailer focuses on FFIV-FFVI, with a little snippet of Mystic Quest thrown in at the end. Enjoy!

The 16 bit debut of FINAL FANTASY was heralded by FINAL FANTASY IV, which showed to the world that that an RPG could tell a compelling and powerful story. This game and those that followed introduced a host of multi-faceted characters that faced real-world choices and consequences along their journeys. The Active Time Battle system also made its first appearance in this generation, giving a more real-time feel to the combat. Musically, some of the franchise’s most memorable themes made their debut, including Battle on the Big Bridge, which has had many triumphant series returns in a variety of styles.


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