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The True Master Of The Fist! New ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Trailer Showcases Link’s Power Gloves


What’s better than a magical sword wielded by countless heroes throughout time? Good question! There’s only one real answer: Big gloves. Well, not just ‘big’ gloves…damn big gloves! Powerful gauntlets of pure brawn that grant the wearer imaginable strength while at the same time making them look as formidable as humanly possible.

Today Tecmo Koei games released a brand-new showcase trailer for their upcoming ‘Hyrule Warriors’ game that just so happens to feature the hero of time Link with his new weapons; the Power Gloves.

Link sheathes his sword for the time being and puts on a pair of these titanic gauntlets as he shows us he’s not too afraid of some literal hand-to-hand combat. See Link destroy hordes of enemies with nothing but brute force in the latest trailer for the upcoming game which is set for an exclusive release on the Wii U this September on the 19th for Europe and the 26th for North America. Check out the trailer just below.

Hyrule Warriors – Power Gloves Trailer:


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