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The Demon King Returns To the Battlefield! Ganondorf Announced For “Hyrule Warriors”


Let’s be honest here, reader; we never really thought Ganondorf WOULDN’T make an appearance for the new game did we? No, I didn’t think so! If the ‘Hero of Time’ is given a chance to slice and dice up the battlefield than so should his eternal nemesis. Today, during the latest ‘Nintendo Direct’ episode stream, Tecmo Koei announced through a wonderfully dark character trailer that Ganondorf will be one of the playable characters in the upcoming ‘Legend of Zelda’ spin-off title ‘Hyrule Warriors’.

This comes as some welcome news to fans of the franchise who have been itching to tear up hordes of enemies using nothing but the powers of all-encompassing darkness! Now it is true, Ganondorf does look a little different. Even somewhat strange with his long, luxurious hair but something that was also announced alongside his appearance in the game is that he’ll have a couple of costumes to switch in and out of that may make him look a little more similar to how you remember him.

Both the ‘Ocarina of Time’ and the ‘Twilight Princess’ costumes can be unlocked and equipped by Ganondorf making him look the way you believe suits him best. ‘Hyrule Warriors’ is set for a release in Japan exclusively for the Wii U on the 14th of August, across Europe on the 19th of September, in Australia on the 20th of September and in North America on the 26th of September.


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