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“Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle” Limited Edition Bundle Announced

Tenkai-Knights-Brave-Battle-1Bandai Namco Games has today announced that they will be release a very special edition bundle for their upcoming action Nintendo 3DS title ‘Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle’, a video game based off of the Anime series of similar name. Follow four heroes as they journey from world to world, doing the very best they can to defeat an evil army of maleficent machines with the hopes of saving the known universe and all the citizens living in it.

With an old-school concept that has young boys transforming into powerful robot-type beings, ‘Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle’ will have you and a friend take on hordes of mechanized enemies. Hack, slash and chop your way through all that stand in your way for the sake of two worlds that are about to collide in quite a fatal way.

The ‘Limited Edition Bundle’ from Bandai Namco Games will come paired with a mini-figure of the main character and ‘Tenkai Knight’ leader Bravenwolf which cannot be purchased any other way. This bundle will come with both the game and the figurine, and will be release across Australia and New Zealand this September on the 18th.

Harness the incredible power of Tenkai Energy to shape shift into one of the legendary Tenkai Knights! Ripped through time and space, our four heroes Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa reemerged on the world of Quarton as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor and Valorn and must master their newly found robotic powers to stop the evil Vilius and his army of shape shifting robots from destroying two worlds. –  Bandai Namco Games


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