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“Tears To Tiara II: Heir Of The Overlord” Coming To Europe This November


NIS America, in association with ATLUS, has today announced that their critically acclaimed tactical RPG/visual novel “Tears To Tiara II: Heir Of The Overlord” will be making it’s way over to Europe on the 13th of November this year for the PlayStation 3! this is fantastic news seeing as how loved this title is over in Japan.

The game features a fantasy-style story that has players follow the story of a young man named Hamilcar Barca, a lover and somewhat of a fighter that discovers a hidden evil within himself after seeing a poor innocent girl killed by the Empire he’s come to trust. Going into a rage that can only be quelled by the spilling of wicked blood, Hamilcar sets off on an incredible journey to free his people from the grasp of tyranny.

Along the way he’ll come into contact with odd and interesting creatures all of which have their own reasons to follow him on his journey for freedom. Be they human, beast or even God, Hamilcar accepts them for who they are and travels with them into a brighter tomorrow where the people of this once-beautiful land can, once again, roam free…that is, of course, if he can control the burning demon within him that threatens to burn this world to ashes.

The visual novel style of “Tears To Tiaras II” allows for players to engulf themselves in well-written storylines while meeting a wealth of interesting characters each with their own back stories and personalities. This mixed with the wonderfully in-depth gameplay mechanics of a tactical RPG make the game highly attractive, especially for those of you out there who are big fans of typical Japanese video game titles.

With more than eighty hours of gameplay packed into once video game title, it’s hard not to pass something like “Tears To Tiaras II” up and, thanks to NIS America, European gamers will be able to experience it in all it’s RPG glory. Once again, expect to see this game on local video game store shelves on the 7th of November and for the North American gamers, you can expect to pick this game up on the 14th of October.

EXTRA: For more information on the game head to the official site by Clicking Here.


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