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Tales of Hearts R Pre-Order Bonuses & Day One Edition Announced


Ready your Soma

Having just launched Tales of Xilia 2, Bandai Namco is on a role with the Tales Of series and has decided to throw in a bunch off extras when Tales of Hearts R launches for the PS Vita. So Kor and Kohaku fans rejoice because pre-ordering the game will net you some nifty costumes:

  • The Legacy Costume of Caius from Tales of The Tempest for Kor
  • The Legacy Costume of Marta from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World for Kohaku
  • The Legacy Costume of Malik from Tales of Graces F for Gall

Tales of Bonus

Additionally, those who buy the Soma Link Edition will receive a set of Tales of Vesperia outfits for Ines, Kunzite, and Beryl. If that wasn’t enough, purchasing the Soma Link Edition also provides you with a participation code, throwing you into the draw to win one of the five Japanese Collector Editions. These unique editions feature:

  • Japanese Collector’s editions of Tales of Hearts R signed by  the team
  • A unique ‘congratulations video’ from Hideo Baba himself (Producer on the Tales Of series) will be shot for each winner
  • A personalised outer case with the name of each winner will be created for the occasion.

So get to pre-ordering a nab yourself a bunch of nifty costumes and the chance to win so much more. You know you want to…


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