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Tales of Hearts R Out Now on the PS Vita in Australia and New Zealand


Taking the west by storm!


Do you have a PS Vita? Do you live in Europe, Middle-East or Australasia? Do you like the Tales Of RPG series? If you meet this rather specific criteria, then have I got some good news for you. Tales of Hearts R is now available.

Impressed with Kor’s growing skills, his grandfather decides it’s time to pass down to Kor an unusual weapon called a Soma. However, Kor learns that a Soma is not only a tool for destruction, but can also be used to fortify a person’s ailing Spiria. Spiria is the embodiment of the heart and soul and plays an essential role in the world as it is the most powerful force known.However, as powerful as Spiria can be, its force can be disrupted in the face of intense emotions such as anger, hate, fear or even love. As such, Soma users must possess exceptionally strong Spiria in order to withstand such emotions.

Players will also encounter the story’s female protagonist, Kohaku Hearts, who is fleeing from a mysterious witch with her brother, Hisui Hearts, while they search for a Soma weapon. A series of tragic events then unfold and set Kor, Kohaku, and Hisui on a grand adventure to uncover the mysteries of the Spiria Core, meet and fight alongside new comrades and save the world from the clutches of an ominous and dark future.

Being part of the Tale Of series, Hearts R features a combat mechanic known as the Linear Motion Battle System, wherein battles occur in real time and AI controlled allies fight alongside you, their actions determined by pre-set conditions. Hearts R also throws an additional Aerial Chase element on top of this, allowing players to take the fight above ground and chain some sweet aerial combos. Enemies won’t know what hit them…or they might. You…it was you who hit them.

In light of the new release locales, Herve Hoerdt (Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing & PR at Bandai Namco Games Europe) said:

“Thanks to a strong partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment, we are releasing this beautiful tale on the western markets. Our goal is to continue working towards an increase of the brand-awareness around the long running series: Tales Of! With its amazing graphics, J-RPG & Fighting mechanics; Tales of Hearts™ R will be a hit for all the fans! “


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