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“Super Hero Generation” – First Screenshots Released


I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this but I actually have no experience with the ‘Kamen Rider’, ‘Ultraman’ and ‘Gundam’ series’ but the prospect of a crossover video game between the three got me excited enough to want to write about it! While I’ve never actually experienced any material in regards to the three series’, I have heard a great deal about them and, like a true pop culture freak, I’ve done my research.

Bandai Namco announced this game not too long ago, it is called ‘Super Hero Generation’ and it looks to be a tactical RPG-type game that features some incredible looking cinematic action sequences. Famitsu, the Japanese video game magazine, has today posted online five screenshots for the newly-announced game.

This images are the first we’re seeing of the crossover title and, while focusing on what looks to be action sequences, it does give us somewhat of an idea of just exactly how this game is played. Unicorn Gundam, Ultraman Ginga and Kamen Rider Wizard take center stage for their very own screenshots but we’re also shown the game board which looks to be grid-based much like many tactical RPG titles. So far there hasn’t been much information released for the game.

We’ve yet to see a full character roster or anything of that kind so, for the most part, we’re in the dark. It’s understandable though, seeing as this game has just been announced. The upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita crossover game will be hitting Japanese shelves on the 23rd of October with no Western release date in the foreseeable future. Who knows, Bandai Namco may surprise it’s Western audiences and release it outside of Japan. One can only hope.


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