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Splatoon 2 Global Test Fire Set for March


Splatoon took the gaming world by storm when it landed on the Wii U in 2015 and still remains as widely played 2 years later. Not that two years is a long time mind you, if anything Splatoon is a game that would have an active community for 5 years or even longer. Still, with a new Nintendo system and Splatoon being one of the company’s freshest and most successful new IPs in a long,long time, it makes sense for a sequel to kickstart the Switch and give it plenty of momentum.

I’m kind of sensing that the existing Splatoon community isn’t exactly thrilled by the sequel or a new Nintendo console… because as I was playing Splatoon over the weekend (I finally hit level 13!) I noticed some not so flattering graffiti… most of them had a common theme of depicting the Nintendo Switch as an evil sorceress of sorts… a Witch if you will… OK they’re literally calling it the “Nintendo Witch” with artwork depicting the Switch console riding a broomstick. I honestly can’t make this stuff up, go fire up Splatoon now if you don’t believe me!

I can speculate a few reasons as to why there is a bit of apprehension: 1) Online isn’t free on Nintendo Switch 2) Online gaming will permit voice chat 3) The future of Splatoon servers on the Wii U hang in the balance. I can understand #1 and #3, after all how could one pay for a great product that was already free, as free online meant that all the kids and squids could afford to play Splatoon to their heart’s content. Also, it’s far too soon to pull the plug on a highly played online shooter that’s only been out 2 years, even if the system is essentially discontinued. #2 is an interesting case, because part of the reason why Splatoon was such an accomplishment in online multiplayer game design was that it successfully executed non-verbal teamwork. Despite the lack of voice chat in the Wii U, you felt that you were part of a well oiled team, and you could have fun and contribute regardless of your skill level. That’s the beauty of Splatoon, and honestly I really hope they decide to remove voice chat from Splatoon 2 because I am REALLY not in the mood to hear obnoxious nasal infused verbations of some idiot.

To get the world excited for Splatoon 2, much like what Nintendo did for the first game, there is going to be a Global Test Fire event taking place shortly after the Switch’s launch on March 3 2017. Splatoon 2 Global Test Fire is set to take place from March 24 2017 to March 26 2017. Get a sneak peak of all the excitement in the trailer below.


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