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Sheik Brings The Noise In The Latest “Hyrule Warriors” Character Trailer


There’s nothing more beautiful than the soft melodies of a harp. There’s nothing more deadly than a shinobi-type assassin ready for the kill. Mix those two things together and you’ve got yourself one hell of a badass gameplay trailer! Last week Tecmo Koei games introduced us, once again, to the mysteriously fierce assassin known only as ‘Sheik’…that is, for those of you who don’t know her true identity.

She came to us originally as a bunch of screenshots that showcased her moveset well but left a great deal to the imagination…that’s all changed now thanks to a new trailer for ‘Hyrule Warriors’ that shows off her cut-throat fighting style. She also plays some music which is nice for the enemies to hear before they’re put to their deaths. Rest in pieces. This Wii U exclusive is soon to be hitting up local video game store shelves in Europe on the 19th of September and after that in North America on the 26th of September. It’s only just around the corner.


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