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Set Sail With “One Piece: Super Grand Battle X” Just Announced For The Nintendo 3DS


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Here I was, settling in, enjoying my copy of ‘One Piece: Unlimited World Red’, thinking to myself; “wow…life can’t get much better than this”. I jump onto the computer to see if any work is to be done and I come across a piece of news straight from Japan’s ‘Jump’ magazine announcing a brand-new ‘One Piece’ video game titled ‘Super Grand Battle X’ for the Nintendo 3DS. I haven’t even been able to finish ‘Unlimited World Red’ and already I’ve been given something to even more excited about! I’m so full of joy that I’m actually on the verge of being angry.

‘One Piece’, why do you haunt me so! The announcement of the upcoming game comes in the form of a magazine scan from, as mentioned above, ‘Jump’ magazine. The scan shows the ‘Straw Hat’ crew in all their chibi glory and also happens to feature some screenshots from the game itself and they look to be sticking with the ‘Super Deformed’ style. Players will be able to choose from 85 of their favorite ‘One Piece’ characters and join together with up to three other friends for what looks to be one heck of a cute action/adventure title!

Pick your main character and two support characters to make a small team of your favorite pirates, then fight hordes of enemies and plenty of bosses on your way to becoming the ‘Pirate King’. Basically that’s all the information on the game that we’ve been given at this point in time but I can’t help but imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more about it very, very soon. At least, I’m hoping to hear more about it soon! With no specific date set, ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle X’ should be hitting local Japanese shelves sometime this Winter. Hopes are that a Western release of the new title follows shortly after that.

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