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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Reveals the Mutant Grasp


Evil is watching

Ah Resident Evil, a gaming classic that never ceases to visualise all manner of horrible monstrosities to haunt your nightmares. Unless your not the type to get easily frightened, in which case it’s just an excuse to dole out some old school justice on some monstrous foes. Regardless, Capcom have decided to add yet another beast to this menagerie of terror known simply as the Grasp.

As if fighting against a rising tide of mutant foes wasn’t already tough enough, this new flying mutant has the nasty skill of turning invisible. Luckily for you your NPC companion has the ability to see through this ruse, though that amounts to her pointing in the general direction of the threat. Should you fail to bring down the Grasp it, in line with many troublesome creatures from Resident Evils throughout the ages, will initiate a one hit kill attack. It’s…it’s not a good way to go.


Actually, I think I prefer it invisible…



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